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Operational Scenario Analysis


Archer Operational Scenario Analysis helps your organization make sense of plausible disruptive scenarios that could impact your ability to provide products and services to your customers. It enables you to identify scenarios, track and correlate threats and risks, test assumptions, and identify, prioritize, and focus on measurable gaps that could have the most significant impact on your business.

The Archer Operational Scenario Analysis use case incorporates current regulatory guidance and best practices and builds on integrated risk management as a foundation for building operational resilience. It allows you to evaluate scenarios and improve operational resilience across your extended ecosystem to help minimize disruption to your customers, your supply chain, and your business.

Key Features

  • One system of record for scenario analysis, risks and threats that could impact your products and services
  • Incorporates criticality and impact tolerances from Archer Business Impact Analysis for your products and services
  • Includes workflows, access control, and observations built on best practices
  • Measures and metrics tied back to defined product and service impact tolerances
  • Links to control procedures, recovery plans, or remediation plans
  • Full lifecycle of scenario analysis, evaluation, and action

Key Benefits

With Archer Operational Scenario Analysis, you can:

  • Deploy one consolidated system of record for all BIAs
  • Use a single approach to complete BIAs with workflow, notifications, review and approval processes
  • Provide status reports that show key metrics and reports to enable BCM teams, business unit managers, and business process managers to manage BIAs


  • Archer Issues Management
  • Archer Business Impact Analysis

For More Information

To learn more about Archer Operational Scenario Analysis:

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