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Incident Management


Archer Incident Management provides case management and incident response for reporting and categorizing cyber and physical incidents and determining the appropriate response procedures. The use case allows you to evaluate the criticality of an incident and assign response team members based on business impact and other requirements. Archer Incident Management provides a metrics dashboard for tracking and reporting on the status of all incidents, their costs, related incidents, losses and recovery.

Key Features

  • Central repository for reporting incidents and managing the incident lifecycle, including workflow and procedures that must be implemented, categorized by incident type (e.g., denial of service, phishing attack)
  • Contact information repository for those involved in the incident identification, resolution and investigation process
  • Dashboards and reports that provide visibility into the status of all incidents

Key Benefits

With Archer Incident Management, you can:

  • Centralize incident workflow and tracking
  • Enable end users to report and manage cyber and physical incidents of any type, including theft, harassment, fraud and phishing
  • Allow whistleblowers to report incidents anonymously
  • Integrate data from a call center or intrusion detection service through the flexible RSA Archer Web Services API
  • Produce rollup reports to track incidents and identify trends, incident similarities, and relationships
  • Centralize and control access to incident data
  • Link incidents to specific findings and remediation plans and monitor all remediation efforts and approvals
  • Produce rollup reports to track incidents and identify trends, incident similarities, and relationships


For More Information

To learn more about Archer Incident Management:

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