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Business Impact Analysis


Archer Business Impact Analysis helps you determine the criticality of your products and services, business processes and supporting infrastructure so you can make the most important of these resilient to disruption. It creates consistency and more reliable results for BIAs that can be shared across the organization. This enables business leaders to better prioritize resilience strategies, tasks, risk assessments, and other activities crucial to building a resilient organization.

Key Features

  • Business impact analysis with pre-built workflows, dependency mapping capabilities, notifications, and reference data to determine the criticality of products, services, and business processes
  • New or updated BIA initiation depending on process criticality rating, date of last BIA, or other alerts
  • BIA campaign kickoff for multiple business processes at once
  • Access roles for business owners, resilience team and executives to drive BIA completion review and approval

Key Benefits

With Archer Business Impact Analysis, you can:

  • Deploy one approach and consolidated system of record for all BIAs for more consistent and efficient reporting
  • Use a single approach to complete BIAs with workflow, notifications, review, and approval processes
  • Easily access dashboards and reports with key metrics that enable resilience teams, business managers, and executives to monitor and manage all BIAs.


  • None required

For More Information

To learn more about Archer Business Impact Analysis:

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