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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

With the Archer Exchange, the Archer team and our trusted partners have created a broad selection of supplemental, value-add offerings to help you get your unique risk management program on the right path, right from the start. You can leverage the Archer Exchange offerings to expand use of Archer solutions into new business processes and address specific industry, geographic, regulatory, or technical requirements. The Archer Exchange features a fast and nimble development cycle, enabling quick delivery of new and updated offerings for trending issues and connections to innovative technologies. 

The Archer Exchange can help you and your organization: 
  • Enhance the breadth and depth of your Archer solutions. 
  • Adapt your risk program to keep pace with your organization’s changing needs. 
  • Leverage functionality developed by Archer partners. 
Offered online via the Archer Community, Archer Exchange provides access to a wide range of pre-built App-Packs, Integrations, and Tools & Utilities and Content that complement and enhance out-of-the-box capabilities of Archer use cases. Many offerings are free while others require Archer On-Demand Applications (ODA) and / or additional licensing fees.
  • Accelerators — prebuilt use case configurations enhancing usability for specific industries, geographies and more.
  • App-Packs — prebuilt applications addressing adjacent or supporting integrated risk management (IRM) processes (e.g., niche, industry, geo specific). 
  • Integrations — prebuilt data exchange configurations to bring data into and push data out of the Archer Platform. 
  • Tools & Utilities — prebuilt functions enabling administrators to more easily manage their Archer Platform implementation or simplify the user's experience. 
  • Content — pre-mapped collection of best-practice policies, control standards, legal and regulatory requirements, industry standards, and assessments. 

With the Archer Exchange, you have 24/7 access to: 
  • Expert prebuilt risk and compliance offerings including App-Packs, Integrations, Tools & Utilities and Content. 
  • Capabilities that complement and augment your Archer use cases. 
  • Tools to help you address specific industry, geographic, regulatory or technical requirements. 


What is the difference between Use Cases and App-Packs?

Requirement Archer Use Case Archer Exchange App-Pack
Customer Requirement Critical IRM market requirements (i.e. identified by an analyst as a required capability)  Adjacent requirements (i.e. an industry specific process or niche requirement)
Industry Specialization

Applies to all industries

May be limited to a specific industry

Customer Value


Less significant, but meaningful to the business

# of Applications

Greater than 6 Less than 6

Service Levels

Full product documentation, collateral, marketing and support
  • Limited product documentation, collateral, and marketing
  • Archer Support provided for Archer-created offerings
  • Partner supports their offerings. Archer will hand off calls for partner-led offerings that come to Archer Support to the partner.
Expected Level of Implementation Services More Less
  • Localization with minor releases (x.x)
  • More Complex Compliance Requirements (security, Federal, etc.)
  • Augments existing use case
  • May require use case pre-requisites
  • No localization
  • No compliance requirements


A little more about Tools & Utilities:

What they ARE What they ARE NOT
  • Target Persona = Administrator (Archer, network , DBA, etc.)
  • Pre-built functions enabling administrators to more easily manage the Archer Platform
  • Meant to enhance Platform capabilities not currently available to improve and simplify the administrator experience
  • Generic enough any customer could use with little to no customization
  • Used many times
  • Supported and work with Platform release (like use cases, app-packs, integrations)
  • Not meant to replace Platform functionality
  • Not intended as troubleshooting tools (tool to find or to fix something within the Platform)
  • One-time use functions


To learn more about the offerings available on the Exchange, check out the offering overview pages and our offerings list on the Archer Exchange. Questions? Email us at

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