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The Archer Exchange Release November 2020 release was announced on November 17, 2020 and provides a wide variety of offerings designed to help you expand your Archer use cases and manage your Archer implementation. For a detailed list of features within this release, please see the Advisory Announcement information below.




Available Offerings

new_darkblue_flipped_small.png  Newly Added to the Archer Exchange               update_black_small.png Recently Updated      

Offering Overview

Video Demonstration

Implementation Guide

Installation Package

Bowmen Group Organisational Entities‌ new_darkblue_flipped_small.png Video Implementation Guide Installation Package
Archer Advanced Workflow Content Assistant update_black_small.png Video Implementation Guide Installation Package
Archer Data Feed Monitor update_black_small.png - Implementation Guide Installation Package
NTT Platform Monitoring and Operations new_darkblue_flipped_small.png Video  Implementation Guide  Installation Package 
LexisNexis Regulatory Compliance update_black_small.png - Implementation Guide Installation Package
RiskLens update_black_small.png - Implementation Guide Installation Package
RiskRecon Third Party Security Risk Monitoring update_black_small.png - Implementation Guides available for 6.4 SP1 P1 and 6.7 Packages available for 6.4 SP1 P1 and 6.7
SecurityScorecard update_black_small.png - Implementation Guide Installation Package
SirionLabs CLM new_darkblue_flipped_small.png - Implementation Guide Installation Package
Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence update_black_small.png - Implementation Guide Installation Package
Veracode Platform Integration update_black_small.png -


Implementation Guide Installation Package
Australian Prudential Standard CPS 234 and Prudential Practice Guide CPG 234 on Information Security Authoritative Source update_black_small.png


- CPS 234 Content Package
CPG 234 Content Package
California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Regulation Authoritative Source  update_black_small.png


- Content Package
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Authoritative Source - Prescription Drug Benefit Manual (100-18) update_black_small.png - - Content Package 
Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Controls Matrix Authoritative Source update_black_small.png - - Content Package
Criminal Justice Information Services Security Policy Authoritative Source update_black_small.png - - Content Package
Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Authoritative Source Content new_darkblue_flipped_small.png - - Content Package
HITRUST CSF Authoritative Source update_black_small.png - - Requires license validation. Please contact support.
National Institute of Standards and Technology Guidelines (SP 800-37 Rev 2) Authoritative Source Content update_black_small.png - - Content Package
National Institute of Standards and Technology (SP 800-53 R5) Guidelines Authoritative Source update_black_small.png - - Content Package
Shared Assessments Standard Information Gathering Template (SIG) Question Library Content update_black_small.png - - 2021 Content Package




Free Friday Tech Huddle Schedule and Replays


For information on the Archer Suite support and maintenance expectations for this and all releases, please visit the Archer Suite Product Version Life Cycle.

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