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Archer Employee

What is the CRO Pathway? This is a program designed to connect and support risk professionals that are striving to advance their careers in governance, risk, and compliance, as well as to elevate risk management at their organization. The CRO Pathway is:

  • Education: A growing and evolving curriculum of executive content, including videos, interviews, analyst studies, and more that risk professionals can consume at their own pace.
  • Connection: Interacting with risk executives, Executive Forum members, Archer experts, analysts, influencers, industry user groups and other advisors that want to connect with each other on the Archer Community and elsewhere.
  • Events: Archer-sponsored events, like webinars, user groups, and Archer Summit, where risk professionals learn, interact, and build their knowledge and networks.

Why explore the CRO Pathway? Practitioner knowledge is vital, but today’s risk professionals need opportunities to learn from and interact with risk leaders and GRC experts to learn the “soft skills” of being a successful risk leader.

Who is the CRO Pathway available to? Archer customers, partners, and employees.

Is there a cost? There is no cost.

Where can I find the CRO Pathway? Archer Academy and the CRO Pathway page on the Archer Community.

Here’s where to find CRO Pathway:

Step 1: Access CRO Pathway content on the Archer Academy:

  1. Confirm you can access the Archer Academy learning portal by following the instructions here. Be sure to use your company email address if creating a new account.
  2. Send an email to to request access to the CRO Pathway courses. You will need to use your company email address to access the program.
  3. Once you are enrolled, you will receive email notifications from Archer Academy that you have access to the CRO Pathway courses.  Kindly note that you may need to add to your Contacts or watch your junk mail folder for these emails.
  4. You can then return to the Archer Academy learning portal (instructions again here).
  5. Go to My Learning to open the first course and progress through the module, complete the evaluation, and download a certificate (for CPE credits).
  6. Go to the next course, and the next, and the next!

Step 2: Join the CRO Pathway user group on the Archer Community:

  1. After watching your first course, log into Archer Community CRO Pathway site.
  2. Navigate to News, Events and Groups > User Groups > CRO Pathway.
  3. Request access to the group.
  4. Become part of the CRO Pathway community, look for new content, events, and engage in conversation.

Who can I contact with questions?