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Are you aware that Archer now has a SaaS offering? Are you an Archer customer looking to explore our different deployment scenarios? This On-Demand e-Learning illustrates the key differences between the distinct offerings available for Archer.

This On-demand course explores thoroughly each deployment scenario available for Archer. The training content also includes criteria for decision-making purposes and shows why or when you may choose one deployment option over the other

All learners

Delivery Type
On-Demand Learning (self-paced eLearning)

30 Minutes

Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills
A basic comprehension of the Archer product suite.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Distinguish between deployment scenarios available for Archer
  • Understand which services are supplied by RSA for each deployment scenario
  • Understand which services need maintenance from the customer’s side for each deployment scenario
  • Identify which deployment scenario is suitable based on the customer’s environment


Course Outline

  • Module 1 – Archer Deployment Options
    • On-Premise
    • Hosted
    • SaaS
  • Module 2 – Which Deployment Option is Best for You?


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