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This on-demand learning course offers the learner instruction on best practices to consider when developing Archer applications.

The Archer Platform offers incredible flexibility in terms of what can be built and configured.  However, savvy administrators know that there are often ways to turn something good into something great.  This course contains best practice suggestions to consider when configuring applications and the associated data displays within  Archer.


Delivery Type
On-Demand Learning

40 minutes

Prerequisite Knowledge / Skills
Students should have completed the following courses prior to taking this training:


Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Identify ways to create a clean Archer application design, including field settings, layout, and dashboard considerations
  • Explain best practices regarding access control
  • Explain the best approach to leveraging existing components
  • Create a timeline for a development project
  • Download a quality checklist to use when configuring/verifying application design


Course Outline

  • Unit 1: Usability & Layout
    • General application design
    • Field configuration
    • Calculated field recommendations
    • Notification recommendations
    • Workflow recommendations
  • Unit 2: Reporting & Dashboards
    • Reporting configuration
    • Workspace and iView configuration
  • Unit 3: Access Control
    • Out of the box access control
    • Access control recommendations
  • Unit 4: Design Considerations
    • On-Demand Applications vs Sub-Forms
    • Avoiding Findings generation overload
  • Unit 5: General Process Best Practices
    • Development timeline considerations
    • Archer Configuration Best Practices document download
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