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Take your Advanced Workflow skills to the next level by building on skills acquired during Archer Administration II training. You already know how to create a basic workflow, but now you have the opportunity to analyze and revise existing workflows. Leverage and preserve out of the box functionality while adding new workflow components to your applications and questionnaires.

This one-day workshop expands on Advanced Workflow skills introduced during the Archer Administration II course. Participants will engage in advanced hands-on activities that build upon previously acquired skills to analyze and revise existing workflows, explore best practices for design considerations, and gain experience with bulk updates and troubleshooting advanced workflows.

Archer administrators or anyone interested in learning about Archer Advanced Workflow,

Delivery Options
Instructor-Led (all classes are virtual at this time) or On-Demand/Self-Paced

1 Day

Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills
Students must have completed the following course sequence:

Note: This is an advanced course and takes you beyond the skills acquired in the Archer
Administration II course. It is not intended to teach entry level Advanced Workflow skills and does not
provide guidance on pre-requisite skills. Individuals without this previous knowledge will likely not have
a satisfactory outcome or experience from this course.


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this training, the learner should be able to:

• Analyze and modify existing Advanced Workflows
• Configure Advanced Workflow Actions by Email
• Locate and analyze records using the Advanced Workflow Job Troubleshooting Tool
• Complete Bulk Actions
• Track records enrolled in Advanced Workflow


Course Outline

  • AWF Refresher
    • Use Evaluate Content nodes to add a new workflow path while maintaining the out of the box functionality
  • Evaluate and Modifying and Existing Advanced Workflow
    • Update an Existing Advanced Workflow
    • Design Considerations and Best Practices
    • Modifying Existing Fields and Layouts
  • Configure AWF Actions by Email
  • Enable Record-Level Workflow Auditing
  • Bulk Update Jobs for Advanced Workflow
  • Schedule Bulk Enrollment
  • AWF Troubleshooting Tool
  • Advanced Workflow Installation Overview and Troubleshooting
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