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This course is intended for Archer administrations and introduces advanced topics while expanding on material already obtained in Administration I. After completing this course, participants will be able to configure an Advanced Workflow, build data feeds, develop questionnaires and questionnaire campaigns, and create complex report types not covered in Administration I.

Archer administrators who are responsible for managing Archer configurations

Delivery Options
Instructor-Led (all classes are virtual at this time), or On-Demand/Self-Paced

4 days (if Instructor-Led)

Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills
Participation in Archer Administration I or equivalent work experience is strongly suggested to be successful in this course. Admin I topics will not be covered in the course.  Requires Archer version 6.9 or later administration skills, including building applications and configuring email notifications, data-driven events, calculated fields, and reports. By registering for this class, you accept the prerequisites associated with this course. 

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Import existing data into multi-leveled Archer applications and questionnaires
  2. Integrate Archer with external data sources
  3. Create custom multi-stage workflow processes to help automate manual processes
  4. Develop questionnaires and assessment campaigns to measure compliance for internal resources or for third-party distribution and tracking  
  5. Troubleshoot commonly seen access control issues
  6. Construct complex search criteria to generate advanced reports and charts
  7. Alert organization stakeholders through scheduled report distributions

Course Outline

Course Introduction (Day 1)

  • Expectations for the course
  • Objectives
  • Introduction to the lab environment
  • Archer Community

Unit 1: Integrations and Data Feeds (Day 1)

  • Transfer document-centric policies into an importable format
  • Import data into a leveled application
  • Data Publication Service
  • Data Feed Manager – Database feed with Lookup Translation
  • Data Feed Manager – Including Attachments & Images
  • Data Feed Manager – Archer-to-Archer feed
  • Data Feed Manager RSS Feed

Unit 2: Workflows - Feature-Driven and Advanced (Day 2)

  • Explore a business process
  • Analyze and identify the workflow process via legacy Archer features such as Data-Driven Events, Calculated Fields, and Email Notifications
  • Replicate the same process using Advanced Workflow, including On-Demand Notification Template

Unit 3: Questionnaires (Day 3)

  • Import data into the Question Library (includes a sub-form import)
  • Create an assessment campaign
  • Manage question scoring and findings
  • Reference existing assessment responses in future assessments (Archer-to-Archer feed)

Unit 4: Troubleshooting Access Control (Day 3)

  • Review access control concepts
  • Discuss best practices for configuring access control
  • Troubleshoot common access control issues

Unit 5: Reporting (Day 4)

  • Complex report creation
  • Dynamic Filters for Calculated Cross References
  • Using On-Demand Notification Templates
  • Scheduled Report Distributions
  • Mail Merge Templates

Review Questions and Course Summary (Day 4)

  • Review Questions
  • Additional training and lab time options available
  • Certification Exam Information
  • Joining Archer Community
  • Course Evaluations


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