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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

"Archer (has) really allowed us to report on cyber risk in a way that is more meaningful than we previously could...because we're able to measure cyber risk consistent with other areas of risk within the organization, that's really allowed senior leadership and the Board to have more of a meaningful understanding of our cyber risk profile."

- Alan Wilson, Director of Cybersecurity, BECU





Boeing Employee Credit Union (BECU)  is a member-owned, not-for-profit credit union.  They serve over 1.3 million member-owners across the Pacific Northwest and the country. BECU members earned and saved an estimated $322.7 million—an average of $245 per member—in the form of better rates and lower fees when compared to an average bank in 2021. BECU.jpg

Click on the adjacent video to hear from Allen Wilson, Director of Cyber Security Risk Management at BECU, to learn more about their cyber security risk management program.


Additional Information

  • Industry:  Financial Services
  • Archer Solution Areas:  Cyber risk, Business Resiliency, Audit
  • Additional Topics:  Integrating risk functions, reporting, efficiency gains, management reporting