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$CM / JavaScript Custom Objects

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Late Saturday night Archering going on here..


Can someone kindly point me in the direction to documentation related to the $CM library that can be used within custom objects?  I have been "hacking" my way through custom objects with jQuery and just found out about $CM.  Late to the party.


And secondly, is there an easy way to determine what mode the record is in (Edit vs. View)?


Thanks in advance!


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Mike Meilleur,


This object is not documented. David Petty‌ has built out his own "documentation" of it for his purposes on our Professional Services team. Not sure what, if anything, he's able to share. Could also over on RSA Archer Custom Objects‌ sub-space.

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 Mike Meilleur,


Checkout the comment from David Petty on the modes in here:

GetFieldValue returns Null in View Mode 

Fair enough.  Makes sense.  Thank you!

Exactly what I was looking for, with regards to the modes.  Thank you!


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I have been using the $CM object, and i noticed that even in Edit mode, there are some missing fields in the _valuesLists Section.  Is there a way i can retrieve a list of the values for thesew given values lists?  I am noticing this behavior when type=4 displayControl=3.


Thanks in advance

Michael, are the missing values list on the layout?

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yes they are

Hmm, are they calculated?

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