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Archer Employee

Archer Working Groups

Archer Working Groups provide a mechanism for the Archer Product team to collaborate with our customers and partners.  Working Group meetings are scheduled to address a specific topic or area of the Archer product offering with the intent to rapidly review our upcoming product updates, obtain your feedback, and incorporate your feedback into the product. Most meetings are held online via Zoom. However, we do hold working group meetings at our in-person events such as the Archer Summit.  

Meetings, blogs and conversations regarding upcoming topics are discussed in the Archer Community Working Group group hub.

How do I participate in Working Groups?

Archer Working Groups are located here:  Working Groups.


The Archer Working Group area on the Archer Community provides blogs announcing upcoming Working Groups, provides a forum to chat about working group topics, and a list of upcoming events.



Can I be notified when there are new Working Group events or news?

Yes, Archer Community users can Subscribe to the Working Groups category to receive notifications when there is new content such as a new Event, Blog, Forum or KB article. To Subscribe, click on the Options link near the upper right-hand navigation, then click Subscribe.  



How do I find the Working Group Schedule?

Working Group events are listed in the Working Groups category. If you are looking for a calendar of upcoming events, those are displayed using the Events widget located in the Working Groups group hub right side navigation. Calendar days displaying a blue dot indicate upcoming Working Groups. Clicking on the blue dot will display the Working Group meeting details.


Or, you can navigate directly to the full listing of Archer Working Group Events.


How do I register for a Working Group meeting?

Each Working Group event will offer a Zoom registration link. Please follow these links to register for the session. If you do not register, you will not receive the needed meeting invitation details to login to the session.  

Please note that there are controls within the Working Group Event page that allow you to say whether or not you plan to attend the meeting. These controls do NOT register you for the Zoom meeting. They are merely an indication to others in the group hub of your planned attendance.



How can I ask questions about the upcoming Working Group meeting agenda?

Wondering if a specific topic will be addressed in the working group?  The Working Group Event provides a mechanism for you to comment and ask questions at the bottom of the page. 

In addition, the meeting organizers are listed as Featured Guests just above the Comments box. You can send the organizers an Archer Community inbox message to ask your question.  




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