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Archer Employee

With so much great content available on the Archer Community, it can be daunting to decide which category areas you should subscribe for email alerts when new or updated content becomes available. We don’t want to overload your inbox, but there is some content on the Archer Community that you just don’t want to miss! 

Below, we have documented recommended content that Archer users and administrators will find useful and may wish to subscribe.


Product Announcements

Archer Administrators often look to the Archer Community for the latest product alerts and news. To obtain the latest information, we recommend that you subscribe to the following community categories:

  • Engage Announcements to learn about both Archer Engage releases and Engage Agent upgrades or incident notifications.
  • Exchange Announcements to hear about new and updated Archer Exchange offerings.
  • Platform Announcements (formerly Product Advisories) to review information regarding Platform releases, patches and security announcements.
  • SaaS Announcements (formerly Service Advisories) to learn upcoming SaaS and Hosted environment upgrades and incident notifications.
  • Use Case Announcements to obtain information about updates to existing Archer use cases and learn about new offerings that Archer is introducing to the market.
  • Product Blogs to hear the latest news for the Archer Suite
  • Roadmap Blogs to learn about upcoming feature, release or product announcements (note this requires login)


Product Training

While the categories above provide you with the latest news about the Archer products, the Archer Community also offers a lot of training and product enablement opportunities. To take advantage of these resources and keep on top of the latest innovations, we recommend that you subscribe to:


Advanced Topics and Discussions

The Archer Community also provides deeper technical content and discussions about the Archer products.  Archer Administrators who are seeking technical tips, support discussions and more can subscribe to the following categories on the Archer Community:

  • Platform Technical Tips & Tricks include special tools, scripts and tricks that you can use in your Archer environment
  • Knowledge Base provides a list of common issues and resolutions for known issues
  • Discussions enable you to post questions and learn best practices from your risk management peers
  • Archer Ideas allow you to learn about some of the latest ideas your peers have suggested for Archer enhancements and vote for your favorite

It’s important to note that these areas of the Archer Community see more conversations, replies, comments, and overall traffic. Therefore, these categories will generate a lot of emails in your inbox.  If you’re interested in these areas, we recommend that you utilize the Daily Digest Notification settings which will send you one email with all the latest activity for the areas in which you subscribe.


How can you Subscribe?

The article How to manage your Subscriptions provides detailed steps for creating a subscription for categories within Archer.

Within this article, you’ll also find instructions for subscribing to Labels within a category.  For example, if you are an Archer SaaS customer but only want to see the SaaS Announcement for your geographic region, you can select the region label (for example SaaS (CAN)) for the SaaS Announcements category. From there, you will see a gray bar at the top of the screen that allows you to subscribe (or unsubscribe) to that label. You will then only receive email notifications for SaaS Announcements with that SaaS (CAN) label.

Subscription SaaS CAN.png

Do you have another favorite category subscription that you find valuable? Post/comment on your favorite categories below and help your risk management peers make the most of the Archer Community!