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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

Today, we are proud to announce the Archer Exchange 25th quarterly release – our Silver Jubilee of releases! The Archer Exchange team and our partners have delivered 25 releases and over 280 offerings in the last 6.25 years. That is something to celebrate!  And per our usual cadence, this release will not disappoint!  This last quarter, the team has updated, created, and reviewed nearly 30 app-pack, integration, content and tool & utility offerings for your perusal.  So be sure to check out the Archer Exchange November 2022 Release product advisory to get the latest information on all of our great offerings.

One of my favorite things to highlight are our newest offerings.  This quarter, we have 4 new integrations including offerings from , 2 offerings from RiskRecon (Own Enterprise Monitoring and Third Party Security Risk Monitoring) that provide a free, limited version of the capabilities for you to try out, and new NILS insurance and ProViso financial services regulatory data for the Wolters Kluwer Regulatory Data Feed integration.  In addition, the Archer team has added a new tool & utility, the Archer Dynamic Workflow Tracker, to display a dynamic, visual interpretation of the workflow within Archer records.

This quarter’s release also brings updates to some of our much-loved tools & utilities.  The Archer Enhanced User Experience, which was introduced in August, has been updated to improve the user experience and offer better handling for custom iViews.  Archer User Profile & Contact Synchronization has been updated to utilize an Archer Javascript Transporter data feed. For our SaaS and Hosted services customers, this enhancement means there is no longer a requirement to setup a separate server for the web services component. Lastly, the Archer Advanced Workflow Content Assistant has been validated for Release 6.12 of the Archer Platform.

In late August, we announced that some updates are required for customers using Data Feed Manager JavaScript Transporter Scripts*.  The Archer Exchange team has been working with our technology partners to update out-of-the-box integrations that use JavaScript Transporter data feeds.  Therefore, you’ll notice that there are quite a few updated integrations including:

There are still a few more that we have in the hopper and will continue to work with our partners to release those integrations as soon as possible.

Has your organization been thinking about managing conflicts of interest? Archer has updated our Archer Conflict of Interest Management app-pack to leverage some of the latest updates to user dashboards and record layouts. And the offering is also configured to leverage Archer Engage and Archer Speak Up so that your employees can easily submit conflicts of interest through a simple user interface.

And don’t forget the great new content that is available in this release!  7 updated authoritative sources have been provided including CISA Cyber Essentials, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard  4.0 that includes the question pack for the PCI 4.0 content, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services includes the CMS Managed Care Manual (100-16), National Institute of Standards and Technology Guidelines updated NIST 800-53 Rev 5 content, North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP),  North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Standards include the recent versions of the IRO-010-4 and TOP-003-5 NERC standards, and the U.S. State Privacy Laws now include the Colorado Privacy Act.

To learn more about these latest Archer Exchange offerings and updates, join us for our upcoming Free Friday Tech Huddle* on November 18! And be sure to check out all of the Archer Exchange offerings on the Archer Community.


*Free Friday Tech Huddles and Roadmap blogs are available to existing Archer customers and pre-registration is required. If you are not yet an Archer customer and are interested in learning more, please contact your local representative or authorized reseller.