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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

Archer is excited to announce the first release for 2024. This quarter’s announcement is packed with 21 new and updated offerings representing one of our largest announcements to date. In addition, we have some exciting updates for the ArcherIRM.Exchange site.

Archer partner, Karta, has reintroduced their Karta NERC Compliance Management app-pack to address regulatory requirements for North American electric reliability. Updates to their offering include assignment framework capabilities to document and schedule compliance tasks. 

In addition, our partner Merrick Solutions has introduced the Merrick Solutions Workflow Planner to help Archer Admins assess the complexity of your design and simplify your end user's workflow experience.

This quarter, Archer has also introduced the 2024 Shared Assessments SIG Questionnaire.  The 2024 SIG Questionnaire contains extensive enhancements including:

  • New risk domains for supply chain risk management (SCRM) and artificial intelligence (AI) risk;
  • New regulatory mappings with NIST, CMMC, CIS and Interagency Guidance; and
  • Closer alignment with ISO, NIST and Cobit5 industry terminology.

In addition, Archer has updated the Archer ESG Score Connect to help organizations gain insights into third party and investment portfolio ESG performance. Archer ESG Score Connect now works with both the Archer Third Party Catalog and Archer ESG Portfolio Management

In addition to these great additions and updates, our team has also delivered 4 tools and utilities, 6 integrations including support for Black Kite Vendor Cyber Risk and SecurityScorecard in the Archer SaaS environments, and 9 content offerings. Be sure to check out the Release Announcement with all resources related to this quarter’s announcement.

To learn more about our latest offerings, please join us over the next few weeks for several Free Friday Tech Huddles* highlighting these offerings.

  • February 23: Overview of the release and learn more about the updates to the Archer Exchange website and updates to the Shared Assessments SIG 2024 Questionnaire Library Content
  • March 1: Overview and demonstration of the Merrick Solutions Workflow Planner app-pack and Black Kite Vendor Cyber Risk integration
  • March 8: Overview and demonstration of the Karta NERC Compliance Management app-pack

 *Free Friday Tech Huddles require login to the Archer Community and are available to existing Archer customers. You must pre-register to participate. If you are not yet an Archer customer and are interested in learning more, please contact your local representative or authorized reseller.