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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

Based on your working group feedback, Archer has implemented updates to the Archer Community > Product section to improve usability.  These changes have adopted industry-standard terminology and will make it easier for you to find information about our products and product releases.  The following sections highlight the changes.  



Product Navigation

The navigation for the Product category change to focus on specific products. The top level navigation looks like this:

New Product Categories.png

From this level, you will be able to drill into categories that are specific to each product. 

The navigation structure is now organized with the following hierarchy: (* indicates a new category on the community)

  • Product
    • Archer Engage *
      • Engage Announcements *
      • Engage Documentation
      • Engage Downloads
      • Engage Known Issues *
      • Engage Overview
    • Archer Exchange *
      • Exchange Announcements *
      • Exchange Documentation
      • Exchange Downloads
      • Exchange Overviews
      • Exchange Partner Overview
    • Archer Platform *
      • Platform Announcements (formerly named Product Advisories)
      • Platform Documentation
      • Platform Downloads
      • Platform Known Issues *
      • Platform Technical Tips & Tricks (formerly named Technical Tips & Tricks)
    • Archer SaaS *
      • SaaS Announcements (formerly named Services Advisories)
      • SaaS Compliance & Security Documentation
    • Archer Use Cases *
      • Use Case Announcements *
      • Use Case Documentation
      • Use Case Downloads
      • Solution & Use Case Overviews

This structure allows you to subscribe/follow all of the product’s information at the top level of the navigation (for example, Archer Engage) rather than following each individual sub-category (for example, Engage Announcements and Engage Known Issues).

There will be a few areas of impact to your subscriptions if you currently subscribe to product-specific labels for Advisories. Please be sure to review Subscription Impacts below.


Product Announcements

Over the past years, Archer has been using the terminology of “Advisories” to announce releases for many years. Our research indicates this is not standard industry terminology.

Going forward, “Announcements” will be the term Archer uses to highlight and announce a new product release – regardless of whether it is a “service” announcement (examples: Archer SaaS or Archer Engage upgrades) or a “product” announcement (examples: an Archer Platform, Archer Use Case, Archer Engage, or Archer Exchange release).  You will be able subscribe/follow:

  • Engage Announcements to learn about both Archer Engage releases and Engage Agent upgrades or incident notifications.
  • Exchange Announcements to hear about new and updated Archer Exchange offerings.
  • Platform Announcements (formerly Product Advisories) to review information regarding Platform releases, patches and security announcements.
  • SaaS Announcements (formerly Service Advisories) to learn upcoming SaaS and Hosted environment upgrades and incident notifications.
  • Use Case Announcements to obtain information about updates to existing Archer use cases and learn about new offerings that Archer is introducing to the market.

In early 2022, the Archer Community introduced the concept of “Release” overview pages.  The goal was to provide you with one location where you could find all of the information that pertains to a specific product release. 

Beginning in September, 2023, the information formerly available on the Release overview pages will be incorporated into the product Announcement page.  This means that there will be one page and one category to subscribe/follow for all announcements related to a specific product. 

Existing Advisories and Release pages available for Archer products have been migrated into the new Announcement categories listed above.  Again, there will be areas of impact to your current subscriptions for Advisories and Releases. Please be sure to review Subscription Impacts below.


Release Notes and Fixed Issues

Formerly, Product Advisories provided information about new features and enhancements to existing features.  Release Notes previously included fixed and known issues. 

Based on industry best practices, users expect to find information about new features, enhancements to existing features and a list of fixed issues in Release Notes.  Therefore, product enhancements will be found in Release Notes, which will be newly available in Archer Help Center beginning with the September 2023 Platform release.

The example below shows help documentation regarding the Archer Platform. Note there is a new navigation category on the left-hand navigation for Release Notes.

Release Notes.png

From this navigation, users will be able to drill into categories of enhancements and then obtain details about each enhancement. Sections will be available for:

  • Retired features – functionality that is no longer available with this release. 
  • Fixed Issues - issues that have been resolved in the release.

To summarize: Release Notes, newly available on the Archer Help Center, will become the one-stop location for details about what is in the release – what’s new, what’s updated, and what has been fixed.


Known Issues

Previously, Known and Fixed issues were made available with each release as PDF and Excel documents for each release (major, minor, patch and hotfixes) within the document previously known as Release Notes. 

Two new locations are now available for Archer Engage and Platform Known Issues and can be found here:

Archer will continue to provide the Known Issue list in the PDF and Excel table formats and make them available within these 2 categories. 


Subscription Impacts

Our hope is that this structure and our documentation changes will ease your search for information on the Archer Community.

But this change may impact some of your subscriptions. Below, we have documented the subscription impacts for different categories within the Product navigation.


If you previously subscribed to:

You will need to re-subscribe to:

Product Advisories with a label = Engage or Engage for Vendors

Engage Announcements

Product Advisories with a label = ESG

Use Case Announcements, (Note: Label = ESG)

Product Advisories with a label = Exchange

Exchange Announcements

Product Advisories with a label = Insight

Use Case Announcements, (Note: Label = Insight)

Product Advisories with a label = SaaS

SaaS Announcements

Service Advisories with a label = Engage or Engage for Vendors

Engage Announcements

Security Advisories

Platform Announcements

Platform & Use Case Documentation, specifically to follow Fixed and Known Issues

Platform Known Issues

Engage Documentation, specifically to follow Fixed and Known Issues

Engage Known Issues

Releases with a label = Engage

Engage Announcements

Releases with a label = Exchange

Exchange Announcements

Releases with a label = Platform

Platform Announcements

Releases with a label = Use Case

Archer Use Cases


Subscriptions that will not be impacted by the Product navigation changes include:

  • If you previously subscribed to Product Advisories to review Platform announcements, the category has been renamed Platform Announcements.  You will not need to change your subscription.
  • If you previously subscribed to Service Advisories to review SaaS upgrade or incident announcements, thi8s category has been renamed to SaaS Announcements.  You will not need to change your subscription.

Lastly, Archer announced in June 2023 the Retirement of Archer IRM Mobile App, effective October 1, 2023.  Documentation for the mobile app will remain available on the Archer Help Center until the app is officially retired and reaches end of support. Information for mobile offerings on the Archer Community has been archived.


The Archer Community team will be highlighting these changes at the Archer Summit, so please stop by our booth or the session, “Ignite Your Journey of Expertise with the Archer Community” on Tuesday, September 12, 2023 from 2:15 – 3:00 p.m.  The team will also be hosting a Free Friday Tech Huddle on September 29, 2023 to walk through these changes. We look forward to giving you a tour of our new capabilities!