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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

Since 2017, Archer has introduced our customers and partners to the Archer Exchange enabling the Archer team and our trusted partners to provide a broad selection of supplemental, value-added offerings to help you get your unique risk management program on the right path.  The Archer Exchange provides access to a wide range of pre-built Accelerators, App-Packs, Integrations, Tools & Utilities, and Content that complement and enhance out-of-the-box capabilities of Archer use cases.

For the last 6+ years, the Archer Community has been a fantastic home for the Archer Exchange as we’ve grown from 20 offerings to nearly 300.  However, the growth of our partner program and the number of offerings now available has outgrown the capabilities of the Archer Community.

Today, Archer announced that the Archer Exchange has moved to a new home, ArcherIRM.Exchange. This move comes with a completely new user experience that offers an online shopping experience to help you search and filter through Archer’s extensive catalog of value-add offerings that our partners and Archer team have made available. The site is publicly available and doesn’t require login or registration at this time.

The ArcherIRM.Exchange home page carousel banner highlights the latest news, release information, and communicates updates about changes we are making to the website. In addition, you will see new and recently updated offerings available this quarter highlighted below the carousel.

AX Home Page.jpg


While the home page provides you with the most recent news quickly, the coolest capability lies in the offering search feature.  The new experience will allow you to search for keywords and refine your search based on a variety of filters, such as offering type, solution areas, industries, and supported environments.  This listing also highlights any new or updated offerings that are found in your search criteria.

AX Product Listing.jpg


The offering profile pages provide a graphical experience highlighting key features, benefits, support information, additional literature, and links to documentation, videos and the offering package. The interface allows you to zoom into screenshots to view the details.

AX Product Profile.jpg


With this move to ArcherIRM.Exchange, the Archer Community > Archer Exchange has also experienced a few updates:

  • Archer Exchange Overviews previously found on the Archer Community have moved to ArcherIRM.Exchange and have been archived on the Archer Community.
  • As of August. Archer Exchange Documentation has moved to the Archer Help Center
  • Archer Exchange Downloads continue to reside on the Archer Community.

This new user experience is the first phase of an exciting journey that we have planned for the Archer Exchange.  Join us for a Free Friday Tech Huddle on October 27 that will provide a personal tour of the new Archer Exchange experience and a sneak peek of what’s next.  In the meantime, please visit the new ArcherIRM.Exchange to locate your favorite Exchange offering or perhaps discover something brand new that will provide value to your organization!