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Welcome to the API Users Community!

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Frequent and casual visitors of the RSA Archer Customer/Partner Community‌ alike are probably noticing a lot of questions and responses referencing the "Archer API" lately. In response to the increased activity around this portion of the Archer Platform, we've launched this sub-community which is specific to addressing all things Archer API related.


No matter if you're trying to understand what it is and how it could help you, or you are having trouble getting started with that first authentication call, or you are looking to extend and maximize what your Archer deployment can deliver, this is the place for you.


Alongside myself, API aficionados David Petty‌ and Jeff Letterman‌ have teamed up to help everyone from beginner to expert get more out of their Archer API. Just like the Customer/Partner Community, feel free to ask questions, start discussions, post code samples, best practices, and gotchyas, and engage with one another. We will also try to keep to a regular blog posting schedule, where we highlight some piece of the API, a use case, an integration, or some other cool thing it can do for you. We will also be moderating the space as quickly as we can, to provide answers and/or feedback to your questions as soon as possible.


We look forward to engaging with you all, and helping everyone get more out of their Archer API! Now let's get to it!


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Count me in on this Archer API User community.  We have Archer v6 with the following applications:

  • Issue Management
  • Third Party Management
  • IT Security Risk Management
  • Regulatory and Corporate Compliance

My first step should be to download the API. Is it only accessible via the Support Center? Does the same API work for version 5.x and 6.x?

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FYI, I couldn't add a comment by clicking on the button at the bottom of the blog, I had to use the comment link at the top of the blog next to the Like link.  The link info that pops up looks to be identical, not sure why it's not working.


Thanks again...

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Thanks for dropping by. Please check out for some info on getting started with the API. It's not anything you have to download, it comes with the installed product. Stay tuned for future updates that will dive into more detail.

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Thanks Scott,


It’s great that we don’t have to download anything to use the API. Hopefully, we don’t open any security holes when the interface is opened. ☺





x63-6619 Desk, 949.510.5164 Cell

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Can someone give me code in angular js  or any client side coding how to make multiple entries in particular application. e.g. lets say I have to create multiple incidents with mandatory fields provided in some excel document in Security Incident Application/.