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RPF Field add/remove with REST API


Hi API gurus,


I would like add or remove a user from an RPF field with REST API.

Could you please help me with an example format?


For example:- Have a field responsible with 3 users,

1. Need to add one more which I am able to.

2. Remove one user from the existing 3, I am not getting an option, where I need help.


Archer Employee
Archer Employee

As with other list-based fields, you should be able to remove values by simply not submitting them. For example, if the field has users 1, 2, and 3 selected and you submit an update containing 1, 2, and 4, user 3 should be removed.

So, to  remove user 3, then First I need to get all 3 and add back the required 2 only.


HI Bodie,


Can you please help me with a sample code for getting the Field data and updating the same.


I tried some combination with GET and PUT but I was not successful. (I am just a beginner in the API)


Thanks in advance.