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Hello, World! API Basics Lab at RSA Charge 2017

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Hello API Enthusiasts!


Jeff Letterman‌ and I wanted to take a brief moment to let you know that we will be hosting a 2 hour, hands-on, code writing, API focused lab session at Charge 2017. We plan to walk you through code examples, and you will be writing code yourself, in order to better understand how to authenticate to and interact with the platform's APIs.


We hope to see you all at Charge in Dallas!




The example files from the lab have been posted over here: 


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Jean Anderson


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Hello again, API users! With RSA Charge right around the corner, I wanted to provide an update on this lab.


The lab is set to take place on both Weds and Thurs from 1:30p - 3:15p. The idea will be to step you through creating an Archer API Utility that can:


  • Login / Logout
  • Return a list of all Application metadata
  • Return a field configuration by Field ID
  • Create a content record
  • Retrieve a content record
  • Retrieve a report's results


The lab will primarily focus on doing this in Visual Studio and C# as per the API Programming Language of Choice poll, but we are also looking at including some PowerShell and perhaps some JavaScript via Custom Object. Examples of both SOAP and REST APIs, as well as using things like OData filtering are in the mix too!

Hope to see you there!

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The best session at this years Charge.  Thanks Scott, Jeff and David

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Thanks for the feedback, Scott!

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The example files from the lab have been posted over here: Hello, Word! API Basics Lab Documents from RSA Charge 2017 

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Agreed, this was very good presenation shown some of wat can be done and how much work is needed to get even somthing smal working.  So much more knowledge needed, especally for someone not familiar with Visual Studio.

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Thanks, Louis! Hope you had a great Charge, and if I was paying attention correctly, congratulations on the award!