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Archer Acunetix Integration API Services

Contributor II

Management has submitted a request to integrate Archer and Acunetix. The intention and expectation is to configure Archer data feed to request scan data from Acunetix. The objective is to load the scan data into Archer vulnerability applications, analyze results, and generate findings. 

Q1 - Has anyone successfully integrated Archer and Acunetix?

Q2 - Has anyone tested importing a JSON file in a data import creating an XSLT to transform JSON to XML?

Q3 - Are there any Archer documents or discussions about Archer and Acunetix integration?

Q4 - Are there any Archer Plugins (dfx) specifically for Acunetix (reference plugins

Q5 - For any attempts and/or successes (Archer/Acunetix) do you have a lessons learned to share?

Feel free to share your experiences and learnings in this thread.

Respectfully, Sandra


Contributor III

I could probably answer some of the questions from similar experiences of multiple integrations for Archer.

Q1: Not exactly Acunetix, but has integrated ServiceNow, Nessus (Tenable), StateNet and other Enterprise Systems with Archer.

Q2: Yes, XLST to transform XML to XML and JSON to XML, with complex programming logic such as data mapping, conditional logic and internal functions and templates.

Q3: Not aware of it

Q4: There might be some RSA provided Data Feed related to Tenable in RSA Exchange

Q5: Depending on how the source data is fetched, there are multiple ways of doing it. Restful API with Archer Javascript Transporter would be the best approach with the maximum flexibility; FTP server with JSON or XML loaded by Archer FTP Transporter is also another option, but will require extensive XSLT transform logic if the data mapping has custom requirements;

Hope this helps.


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