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Contacting Archer Academy

Need to reach us to ask about Archer training? Create a ticket here: Archer Academy Support Center Just a note - this will take you to our brand new ticketing system! We're super excited about the new system and look forward to hearing your thoughts ...


Resolved! Custom Pop-up message with AWF button

Looking to see if there is a way to add a custom pop up message when a user selects an advanced workflow button? For example if the user selects “Reject”, we want a pop up to say “Are you sure you want to reject this record?”. We are having issues wi...

RobynHarp by Contributor III
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Resolved! API Call in a Custom iView Dashboard

I've been looking at the Archer Toolbox, and am pretty impressed so far. Instead of making REST calls in a custom object (record view), I'd like to put one or two of them in a dashboard (show applications with active notifications, or those applicati...

Microsoft® 365 OneDrive and SharePoint Integration

In today’s world, it is critical to store your files in a location where you know you can get to them and where they are safe from disasters and secure from unwanted eyes. For many, Microsoft® 365 OneDrive and SharePoint are crucial for us to operate...

Screenshot 2022-05-16 114902.jpg Screenshot 2022-05-16 115007.jpg

Archer Exchange Release May 2022

Overview The Archer Exchange May 2022 release was announced on May 17, 2022 and provides a wide variety of offerings designed to help you expand your Archer use cases and manage your Archer implementation. For a detailed list of features within this ...

new_darkblue_flipped_small.png update_black_small.png

Archer Update for Multiple Vulnerabilities

Archer Identifier SA-2 CVE Identifier CVE-2022-30584, CVE-2022-30585, CVE-2021-33615 Severity Critical Severity Rating See below for scores of individual CVEs Affected Products Archer Platform versions greater than 6.x Summary Archer Platform contain...

MegONeil by Archer Employee
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Package Error

Hi TeamI an getting following error while creating package Component Type: UnknownComponent: Object: Advanced WorkflowError Type: ErrorError: An error has occurred while attempting to package the Advanced Workflow component. The error message is Obje...

MO-ALAM by Contributor
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