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Resolved! Rest API Issue

I am able to create session token using REST API successfully in POSTMAN. But if i use PowerShell, its throwing SSOlogin/Redirector.asp, 401 Unauthorized errors. Is it because of SSO? If yes, why it is working correctly in POSTMAN. We are using 6.3 P...

Archer Engage for Vendors

Our company is looking to use Archer Engage and Archer Governance modules. I would like to hear from other companies who have it. Do you like the cases, and does it work well with Vendors?

Link within Notification changing after save

When I attempt to insert a link to an Archer dashboard in the body of a notification email, it's changing the link after it's saved. As a result, the link doesn't work. The link inserted =

Date Comparison in Archer 6.3

We have this Date Comparison JavaScript in Archer 5.5 running, but we are unable to get this script to work in Archer 6.3 P4.I am attaching the copy of the current JavaScript that is being used and is working in Archer 5.5. Please help us resolve thi...

Wolters Kluwer Integration_Datafeed

Hello Everyone,I am working on Wolters Kluwer Integration Datafeed and have some XML files that need to be imported in Archer before configuring the Datafeeds. How can I import these XML files of the Reg change and Library into an archer.Looking forw...

Abhi by Contributor II
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Resolved! API thread count

Is there a max number of threads that should be used when running APIs to ingest data into Archer? The only information on this that I have found says that it should be limited to the number of CPUs (cores) on the Web server. Is this still correct?

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