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Use Case for Third Party Governance



The Archer® Third Party Governance use case provides supplier engagement performance monitoring. Metrics can be established within four categories: Quality, Innovation, Performance, and Relationship. Metrics are depicted for each engagement and rolled up to the third party to depict their performance across all of their product or services engagements with your organization.

Key Features

  • Definition and documentation of performance metrics for third parties
  • Tracking of all contractual service level agreement (SLA) metrics and deteriorating performance on the part of third parties
  • Creation, ongoing capture, and association of performance metrics for individual product and service engagements
  • Roll up and “aggregate” the performance of all engagements delivered by a third party to obtain an overall assessment of the third party’s performance
  • Automated generation of third party metrics results that can be sent to vendors using the Archer Engage for Vendors portal

Key Benefits

With the Archer Third Party Governance use case, you can:

  • Improve tracking of third-party performance metrics to engage with third parties before their performance deteriorates to an unacceptable level
  • Spend less time and money on performance remediation
  • Demonstrate effectiveness of your third-party performance management program to executive management and regulators
  • Measure quantitative and qualitative metrics using red, amber, green thresholds


For More Information

To learn more about the Archer Third Party Governance use case, read the Archer Third Party Governance data sheet.

To learn more about how Archer products, services, and solutions can help solve your business and IT challenges, contact your local representative or authorized reseller—or visit us at If you are an existing Archer customer and have questions or require additional information about licensing, please visit the Archer Community for technical support.


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