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Archer Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management allows you to consolidate information from multiple regulatory bodies, document their impact to the business, and establish a sustainable, repeatable, and auditable regulatory compliance program. With Archer Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management, you can obtain a clear view of the organization's state of compliance, enabling you to prioritize activities that address the regulatory requirements having the greatest impact on the business. Limiting overcompensating responses and wasted cycles preserves the ability to direct more resources back to strategic areas of the business.

Archer Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management provides several use cases to meet your specific business needs as you mature your regulatory and corporate compliance program, including the following options.

  • Policy Program Management: Establish a scalable and flexible environment to manage corporate and regulatory policies and ensure alignment with compliance obligations.
  • Corporate Obligations Management: Provides the necessary tools and capabilities to document external regulatory obligations. It enables you to establish a systematic review and approval process for tracking changes to those obligations, understanding the business impact, and prioritizing a response.
  • Data Governance: Designed to provide a framework to help organizations identify, manage, and implement appropriate controls around personal data processing activities.
  • Privacy Program Management:  Designed to enable organizations to group processing activities for the purposes of performing data protection impact assessments and tracking regulatory and data breach communications with data protection authorities. 
  • Controls Assurance Program Management: Offers a framework and taxonomy to systematically document the control universe, and assess and report on the performance of controls at the business hierarchy and business process level. You can apply clear, accurate control guidance in support of any compliance objective.
  • Financial Controls Monitoring: Extends the foundation established with Archer Controls Assurance Program Management, with an approach to defining and managing separate compliance projects simultaneously.
  • Regulatory Content Analysis:  Utilizes natural language processing and machine learning to analyze how an organization maps existing regulations to controls and leverages adaptive learning capabilities of the algorithm to identify and recommend control changes specific to the organization’s control structure.

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