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Use Case for Public Sector Solutions



Archer® Plan of Action & Milestones (POA&M) Management allows organizations to lay the foundation for your IA program to manage issues generated by audit, A&A, and CM processes. You can effectively establish the organizational structure and assign accountability for risk and compliance issues. It provides the applications to create, approve and manage POA&Ms and risk acceptance requests to address risks and associated resolutions.

With Archer POA&M Management, organizations gain a consolidated view into known issues and you can break down remediation efforts to better understand timing, milestones, and costs. It provides capabilities to route POA&Ms through formal review and approval processes and capture performance management and cost metrics. With an organized, managed process to automatically escalate issues, you get visibility into known risks as well as efforts to address and close risks. Your organization will see quicker reaction to emerging risks, creating a more secure and resilient environment while reducing costs.

Key Features

  • Consolidated issues management process
  • Consolidated list of defects and findings from audits and A&A and CM processes
  • Consolidated list of POA&Ms with status, progress, and expiration dates
  • Managed risk acceptance requests with informed review/approval

Key Benefits

With Archer POA&M Management, organizations can:

  • Reduce time to resolution on audit, risk and compliance issues
  • Improve staffing management for remediating issues
  • Reduce overtime/reactive overload for operational staff responding to issues
  • Reduce repeat findings and overall risk


  • None

For More Information

To learn more about Archer POA&M Management, read the Archer POA&M Management data sheet.

To learn more about how Archer products, services, and solutions can help solve your business and IT challenges, contact your local representative or authorized reseller—or visit us at If you are an existing Archer customer and have questions or require additional information about licensing, please visit the Archer Community for technical support.