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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

You asked, we delivered! Another release and more BANGIN’ Advanced Workflow functionality in RSA Archer 6.6!!! Colleagues, friends, and fellow RSA Archer administrators – We heard you on RSA Ideas, so these Advanced Workflow enhancements are for you! The new Advanced Workflow functionality in RSA Archer 6.6 puts an emphasis on usability for users and configurability for administrators. RSA Archer 6.6 includes FIVE major Advanced Workflow updates just for you!


Tired of using clunky workarounds for enrolling records into Advanced Workflow when it is time for an annual review or a risk record has sky-rocketed to high? Good. RSA Archer 6.6 now includes a new ADVANCED WORKFLOW SCHEDULING action! Advanced Workflow Scheduling allows you to configure rules for enrolling records into Advanced Workflow AUTOMATICALLY. You can unleash this functionality from the RSA Archer's “Manage Schedules” page.



Why do my Advanced Workflow buttons show in the wrong order? Why is my button order “Reject” and “Accept”? Everyone knows it should be “Accept” and “Reject”, but swapping them around is WAY TOO MUCH EFFORT. Say no more, friends. RSA Archer 6.6 now comes with a straightforward way of ordering your Advanced Workflow User Action buttons. Navigate to a User Action node in RSA Archer 6.6 and you will see that there is now a configuration for “Order”. YOU CAN ORDER YOUR BUTTONS NOW!!! Say goodbye to confusing button orders and an even more confusing workaround.



It is 7:00 PM on a Friday evening and your phone rings. You look to your spouse and say, “Oh no, its work!”


You answer the call and it is one of your end users. They frantically say, “ADMIN! ADMIN! ADMIN! I received an error stating, “Cannot transition to the next advanced workflow node. The rule condition associated with selected transitions were not met.” What do I do? Please help?”


You set down your happy hour beverage of choice and ask, “Did you fill out all of the required fields?”


THIS DOESN’T NEED TO HAPPEN ANYMORE IN RSA Archer 6.6! The power is in your hands now! Administrators are now empowered to enable their end users by providing SPECIFIC AND CUSTOM VALIDATION MESSAGES for user action transition rules. You can now define these messages in the rule configuration of a transition. 


“AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!” We’ve all seen our favorite green record page toaster tray when Advanced Workflow is processing. I imagine it being comparable to a hostage situation… where you are the hostage. In RSA Archer 6.6, escape and click the “Exit Record” button that now appears on the green toaster tray.



You will also see an upgraded Advanced Workflow Designer in RSA Archer 6.6! There is now a new look and feel while configuring Advanced Workflows. The new node design will allow you to see more of your advanced workflow in a single screen. Keeping our third-party technologies up-to-date is crucial to unleashing the latest and greatest functionality of Advanced Workflow.



I hope you’ll join us for THIS Friday’s Free Friday Tech Huddle to hear all about the BANGIN’ new Advanced Workflow features of RSA Archer 6.6!!! Please stay tuned to the blog for more updates on the whiz-bang features of RSA Archer 6.6!