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Archer Employee

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The Defend the Kingdom blog series is a fictional storyline following the adventures of Marty Bishop, a skilled, imaginative security administrator fighting cybercrime on the frontlines of the massive multi-national conglomerate MagnaCorp.   Starting as an intern within Information Technology as a college sophomore, Marty's acumen for technical concepts garnered interest from the security team early on in his career.  While he toiled away at running cables and debugging simple code, he kept his eyes open and learned more and more every day under the tutelage of the MagnaCorp techie clique.  His mild, introverted manner hides an intense curiosity and a boundless imagination that he wields with power as he tracks down the digital adversaries of MagnaCorp.  Aided by Greg Townsend, his cubemate and fellow security administrator, he has become THE go-to guy when cyber criminals come knocking at the gates of MagnaCorp.  Marty walks the halls of MagnaCorp as shadow behind the scenes clad in his trademark designer t-shirts and extensive sneaker collection but armed with the knowledge that he stands all too often as the last barrier between MagnaCorps sprawling global business and the brink of digital chaos.


MagnaCorp is a multi-national conglomerate with controlling interests in a wide variety of companies. Based in New York, the company has regional headquarters in all of the major financial hubs with offices, branches and manufacturing facilities in almost every corner of the world.  Its holdings include:

  • a financial powerhouse with banking, insurance and personal & corporate investment operations;
  • significant holdings in healthcare providers including several major regional hospital systems within large urban areas;
  • a software subsidiary that produces enterprise applications for finance and healthcare industries;
  • a manufacturing arm that fields an impressive array of service machines including ATMs for banks (supporting its own finance division) and drug distribution workstations (supporting its interest in major hospitals); and
  • an investment arm that holds interest in companies ranging from real estate management to utilities to retail chains.

Chaired by the reclusive multi-billionaire genius Wayne Manson, the company operates at a level of unprecedented reach.   Sometimes criticized for having too many irons in the fire and wielding too much influence in the world, MagnaCorp is a continuously shifting operation acquiring and divesting, buying and selling, and moving and shaking the business world.


When Marty enters the vast digital infrastructure of MagnaCorp, he transforms into The Hunter his alter ego protecting "The Kingdom", an immense medieval-like landscape populated with threatening, shadowy criminals.   The Kingdom is a nation of ultra-prosperity with a wide range of natural resources including mines laden with minerals and ores, a rich agricultural heritage, a well protected and active harbor and bustling trade routes with a wide variety of neighbors.  Only the neighboring Natiostatsia, a rival and menacing nation just beyond the bordering mountain range, threatens the Kingdom with its industrial power.  Armed with his powerful bow and aided by his pet The Cat, the Hunter prowls the Kingdom searching out and battling evil.  Trusted and directed by the Wizard, the protector of all Kingdom secrets, the Hunter staves off attacks from rival countries, local thugs and the minions of the mysterious Guild.


The Guild is a mysterious criminal organization that haunts the Kingdom.  With threats ranging from simple theft to more nefarious plans, the shadowy Guild deploys its minions across the Kingdom.  The members of the Guild are many - but rarely seen or known. The Guild operates from unknown places and is possibly under the control or in league with The Kingdom's mortal enemy Natiostastia.  When anything bad happens in the Kingdom, most likely the Guild is to blame.


The Hunter, along with a host of other characters representing the many aspects of security and risk management, work together to protect the good citizens of the Kingdom.   Each episode follows Marty's dual life in MagnaCorp and the Kingdom as he battles cyber crime and helps Defend the Kingdom against the threats of the world.  As the story line progresses, personas in MagnaCorp are revealed as both members of MagnaCorp and as characters in The Kingdom.


The Hunter series is authored by Steve Schlarman (twitter:@steveschlarman) and illustrated by Allison Johnson.


All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


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