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Archer Employee

As I mentioned in my last blog, one of the important benefits of our recent release of RSA Archer 6.1 is an alignment of organization maturity with the technology to support it. Building a mature Information Assurance (IA) program in the public sector takes time and commitment.  It requires and is marked by a balance of the right technologies, processes, and people. 
At RSA, we have developed a maturity model that we use a communication tool with our prospects and clients to recommend changes and correlate them to stages of the maturity journey.



I very recently did a webcast that walks through this mapping of Public Sector use cases to steps in the maturity model in a detailed. I would encourage you to view that recording here if you’re interested in more information.

With the release of RSA Archer 6.1 we are making individual Public Sector use cases available that align to this maturity journey.  With RSA Archer 6.1, we have aligned our solution use cases with the maturity journey.  In this way, customers are acquiring just the right amount of technology to enable their IA program as they need it.  They are not biting off more than they can chew or over purchasing functionality they may never use. The Public Sector use cases are as follows:
• Plan of Actions and Milestones (POA&M)
• Assessment and Authorization (A&A)
• Continuous Monitoring (CM)

We realize that FISMA and OMB compliance and risk management are not challenges that can be solved simply with technology. They are mission imperatives that must be addressed through a shift in focus, priority and culture within your organization, making risk management part of how everyone in your organization thinks and acts. By engaging everyone, you can eliminate operational inefficiency and achieve your most strategic growth objectives. That’s why our collective mission at RSA Archer is to “Inspire Everyone to Own Risk.”
To see how these use cases can enable the stakeholders in your organization to own risk, remember to watch the webcast or you can visit the Public Sector page for general information.  

Thanks for reading.
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Chris Hoover