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Archer Employee

Summer – it’s finally here! (well, at least in the northern hemisphere) It’s warmer, people are going outside, planning vacations, having barbeques, and taking it easy. As much as we here at RSA Archer believe in taking some well-deserved summer vacation, we’re also hard at work planning the RSA Archer Summit, taking place in Nashville, Tennessee, from August 15 – 17. If you haven’t registered, here’s the link – don’t miss this great, RSA Archer-focused event!


If you have a role at any level in: integrated risk management (IRM), internal audit, business continuity, third party governance, IT security risk management, compliance or any other related function, you’ll want to attend the Summit, where you’ll learn about using RSA Archer to: 


  • Improve compliance testing across diverse functional teams through an enterprise-wide, consolidated quality control program
  • Create greater efficiencies for compliance teams and improve executive oversight
  • Move from a compliance mindset to a culture of risk management through continuous risk management
  • Avoid key cultural and communication pitfalls in implementing IRM
  • Help Internal Audit become an early adopter of IRM
  • Support business compliance and risk management goals and activities
  • Enable an agile approach to implement IRM while providing business value and remaining lean and fast
  • Adapt and mature your cyber security program


As you can see, there’s something for everyone – from compliance to risk management; from business to IT; and for each of the three lines of defense. Everyone can benefit from attending the Summit.


Another great aspect of the Summit is most of the speakers are RSA Archer customers, and there is an all-star lineup again this year from almost every industry you can imagine, and if all this didn’t pique your interest, then check out the working groups you can sign up for in the areas of:


  • IT and Security Risk Management
  • Regulatory and Corporate Compliance
  • Archer System Administration
  • Digital Risk Management
  • Integrated Risk Management
  • RSA Archer User Experience
  • Quantifying Cyber Risk


Finally, if you’re mainly coming for the networking, that’s ok because you’ll have plenty of time to get to know your peers, and the events each night are awesome!


Hey, it’s Summer – time to party! I hope to see you at the RSA Archer Summit!