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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

It is hard to imagine that RSA Archer 6.4 SP1 is considered a service pack because the features of this release are BOOMIN’! RSA Archer 6.4 SP1 has multiple enhancements to use cases and several enhancements to the RSA Archer Platform.  One of the most anticipated features of this release is the introduction of ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES! I will give you a second to wipe away your happy tears and process that last sentence. Electronic signatures are in the house starting with RSA Archer 6.4 SP1!


Electronic signatures provide an additional level of assurance when taking action in RSA Archer. Electronic signatures can be added to any action that requires an additional level of assurance. Deciding if a new information system is ready for operation is one of these actions that require additional assurance. As the owner of the information system, I would be taking full accountability of the risks associated with that information system. Electronic signatures provide the ability for RSA Archer to assure that I am the correct person to complete the task of reviewing the information system.  Electronic signatures also provide tracking of when that record was signed and a snapshot of the record at the time of signing.


When signing a record, the user will be prompted to authenticate and prove that they are the correct user completing the task. RSA Archer 6.4 SP1 provides two different authentication methods for the user to sign a record. The first method is using the user’s RSA Archer username and password. The second method is using a one-time PIN sent via email.




After the record is signed, the signature will be logged to history and RSA Archer will take a file snapshot of the record and attach it to an attachment field. The history entry will allow users to track the full life cycle of the record. The snapshot will provide an exact view of the record at the time that the record was signed. 



I hope you’ll join us for THIS Friday’s Free Friday Tech Huddle to hear all about the new features of RSA Archer 6.4 SP1 and witness a live demonstration of electronic signatures! Please stay tuned to the blog for more updates on these BOOMIN’ features of RSA Archer 6.4 SP1!