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Archer Employee
Archer Employee
St. Luke's Health SystemRSA Archer provides flexibility which allows the IT team to experiment with different usage models and easily adapt them to ensure the best possible fit with the organization's needs. Users are able to make fast decisions based on the latest information
Xcel EnergyUsing RSA Archer Risk Management for a Common View Across Organization
Royal Dutch ShellRSA Archer's end-to-end GRC platform provides Royal Dutch Shell with a competitive advantage as they are enabled to demonstrate to the business that they are in control of risk. Archer also delivers more cost effective and efficient GRC business processes and supplies a centralized tool for project managers to run their business through 
RabobankRSA Archer supplies a real-time view into data about all actions, issues and deviations, enabling Rabobank to respond immediately. Archer's single, unified tool eliminated the inefficiency of their previous model. 
Raiffeisen Bank KosovoArcher delivers flexibility that improves Raiffeisen Bank's efficiency and security while accommodating existing risk management methodologies. Archer also reduces manual effort across the team while ensuring consistent operations across the organization and provides advanced reporting which gives executive management and board members deeper insights
SAICPrior to implementing Archer, SAIC had a difficult time finding a single, factual source of information. With the implementation of Archer, SAIC can now pull one piece of information together to share with the business or to use for strategies and planning
Partners HealthcareManaging Today's Threat Landscape Using RSA SecurID, Archer GRC, and Security Analytics
DZ Bank

Implementing RSA Archer was the first step to ISO 22301 certification at DZ Bank, enabling the Bank to meet compliance standards and significantly reduce audit activities and expenditures each year

Berkshire Bank With Archer, Berkshire Bank is now able to to centralize all risk and policy management into one tool, removing duplication and eliminating the risk of important tasks being missed. Compliance audits are now quicker and less onerous than before with one cut from two months to two weeks with the Archer implementation. 
Department of Information Resources, State of TexasWith Archer, the Department of Information Resources (DIR) is now able to execute all risk assessments and security incident in one tool, giving the department the ability to see where the risks are on a state-wide basis. Archer provides all Texas state agencies and higher education institutions access to the same tools, regardless of their size or budget.
Federal Home Loan Bank AtlantaRSA Archer provides time savings by enabling the team to automate governance processes, like updating inventories, performing risk assessments, mapping controls to many different industry frameworks, and gathering assessment/audit. By automating, Experts in the field can be re-directed to more proactive risk management rather than always being reactive.