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In uncertain times, integrated risk management plays an even more significant role in organizations’ growth strategies. Likewise, responsibility and roles in risk management continue to extend well beyond those traditionally relegated to risk managers. Digital transformation has accelerated this transition, with a greater need for executives to have real-time visibility to risk information that helps drive critical business decisions.


In keeping with our vision to “Inspire Everyone to Own Risk,” RSA Archer Release 6.8 continues the evolution of the RSA Archer user experience. This release delivers new features and enhancements designed to streamline access to key data and provide a cohesive, actionable view of risk and compliance at all levels of an organization.


User experience enhancements in Release 6.8 include several updates to record and report headers, for greater consistency and easier access to key functions. Updated navigation options provide more usable space on-screen and enable users to easily view and edit recent records. Release 6.8 also includes a number of enhancements to improve search and reporting functions. Users can set a numerical limit or percentage for returned search records for regular, non-statistical searches, and date-based filters can be created without the need to navigate away from the page.


Administration enhancements in Release 6.8 include a new user interface for Data Gateway that supports the configuration of connectors to external systems and provides real-time visibility into external data sets. We’ve also introduced native SAML 2.0 support for single sign-on (SSO). This new SSO mode allows RSA Archer to natively process responses from any identity provider that supports SAML 2.0, as well as create and authenticate RSA Archer users directly based on their SAML identity. In addition, new Job Monitor capabilities in this release for RSA Archer SaaS and on-premises environments allow authorized users and administrators to view, sort, group, and filter information about data feed jobs.


We’ve also introduced the RSA Archer Financial Controls Monitoring use case, which replaces the Controls Monitoring Program Management use case. The Financial Controls Monitoring use case includes new applications, questionnaires, roles, and dashboards to assess and report on the performance of financial controls across all enterprise asset levels. These and other enhancements enable management of multiple financial compliance projects as required by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) or similar financial regulations, as well as associated functions such as Provided By Client (PBC) lists, process narratives, and operating tests.


These are just some of the highlights of RSA Archer Release 6.8. You can get more information on the Release 6.8 subspace on RSA Link, and we invite customers to join us for upcoming Free Friday Tech Huddles for demonstrations and details of these and other features.