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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

In April, we announced version 1.0 of the RSA Archer Mobile app for iOS and Android to bring the power of RSA Archer and its data to the users, where they are and in the form they want. Continuing our focus on that mission, today we are pleased to announce version 1.2 with additional capabilities for completing Advanced Workflow tasks. Business users can now manage cross-reference fields and attachments in a record directly from the app, whereas in version 1.0 these fields were read only. (Version 1.1 included minor user experience tweaks and bug fixes).

Cross-Reference Fields

Users can add or edit the Cross-Reference field in a single column display using the key field. Users can also view a cross-referenced record if a mobile layout exists for the referenced application.

                          pastedImage_8.png        pastedImage_9.png 


Attachment Fields

Users can add attachments to a record while taking Advanced Workflow actions, using the mobile device camera, photo gallery or file system. Users can also remove existing attachments or retry failed attachments.


                          pastedImage_10.png      pastedImage_11.png


To utilize the additional capabilities provided in RSA Archer Mobile version 1.2, customers should be running RSA Archer Release 6.8 or above.

We will continue to add more features and enhancements in upcoming releases of the app to make business users even more productive, anytime and anywhere.

For more information on the RSA Archer Mobile app or these new enhancements, please refer to the implementation guide available on RSA Link. You can also learn more about RSA Archer mobile apps on RSA Link. If you are not yet a customer but you are interested in learning more, please contact your local representative or authorized reseller — or visit us at