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What do we mean by IT security vulnerabilities?

IT security vulnerabilities can arise for a variety of reasons, the most common being systems deployed in the environment with misconfigurations, critical patches missing, inadequate information classification and network segmentation, etc. It doesn’t take much for a sharp increase in overall security risk to occur that is often disproportionate.


In other words, a small number of vulnerable systems can easily put the entire environment at risk; something that is increasingly alarming on a global scale. For example, according to RSA’s Cybersecurity Poverty Index survey, 75% of organizations said they have significant cyber risk exposure but only 5% felt they were positioned in an “advantaged state” to detect and manage security exposures effectively.


Why is a program approach to managing IT security vulnerabilities so important?

The identification and remediation of security vulnerabilities is an absolute necessity in managing the constant threat of data breaches and system compromises. Attempting to stay ahead of threats, organizations may deploy one or even multiple scanners to identify vulnerabilities, only to produce too much information to be helpful in managing security risk. This deluge of data leads to a poor handoff to IT operations in addressing tactical security vulnerabilities, as well as limited or no visibility into ongoing remediation efforts to close those gaps.


Organizations that have implemented vulnerability scanning solely for compliance purposes also receive limited added value for the effort. Ultimately, attempting to manage the large volume of vulnerability data without a sound process to prioritize security issues drastically reduces the effectiveness of this fundamental control.


RSA Archer IT Security Vulnerability Program

RSA Archer IT Security Vulnerabilities Program (ITSVP) offers a data-centric approach to identifying and prioritizing high-risk threats. This use case is designed to enable operational teams to proactively manage IT security risks by combining asset business context, actionable threat intelligence, vulnerability assessment results and comprehensive workflows in one place.


IT assets can be cataloged with a full business context overlay providing better prioritization of scanning and assessment activities. Security analysts can implement alerts, explore vulnerability scan results, and address issues as they arise, all of which serves to boost the closure rate for critical gaps. The ability to research known vulnerabilities helps to guide the prioritized efforts of IT operations, resulting in lower costs, less time and effort, and better visibility into dangerous vulnerabilities on critical assets. A powerful and flexible rules engine highlights new threats, overdue issues, and changing business conditions. A consolidated management module integrates powerful analytics with reporting, workflows, and a risk management framework to enable company leaders to confidently execute data-driven security decisions.


With RSA Archer IT Security Vulnerabilities Program organizations can effectively manage the entire vulnerability lifecycle from detection and remediation to verification and reporting. Customers can also enjoy seamless integration with other RSA Archer use cases designed to tackle all the aspects of Integrated Risk Management in their unique environments.


For more information, please visit and review the Datasheet.