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RSA Archer Hosting Services allow you to get your RSA Archer solutions up and running quickly without the need to wait for internal infrastructure approvals, purchasing and deployment. By utilizing Hosting Services to maintain and upgrade your RSA Archer solution, you can reduce upfront costs and keep your staff focused on solving business problems, while letting RSA Archer handle the technical complexities, including hardware, maintenance and upgrades. 

Hosted Software (RSA Archer) Update Approach8429798_720x720_72_RGB.jpg

RSA endeavors to provide predictable timing for upgrades for Hosting Services customers. Generally, RSA establishes a quarterly cadence for Hosted Software updates on the RSA Archer Hosting environments.


Typical time frames are as follows:

  • In the first month of a given quarter, disruptive Hosted Software upgrades (upgrades which may require Non-Production Downtime or Production Downtime) may be performed.
  • In the second month of a given quarter, non-disruptive Hosted Software upgrades (upgrades which do not require Non-Production Downtime or Production Downtime) may be performed, if needed.
  • In the third month of a given quarter, Hosted Software upgrades typically are not performed.
  • Due to end of year business requirements, our customers have requested that no major upgrade work be completed for the RSA Archer Hosting environments. Hence, no major upgrades are completed in the last quarter of the calendar year.


RSA reserves the right to conduct Hosted Software upgrades as RSA deems reasonably necessary to address defects entailing data loss, data corruption, security or other critical flaws.

RSA Archer Service Notifications

RSA Archer Hosted Services customesr can now access the RSA Archer Service Notification subspaces to learn about the latest maintenance and service information. The RSA Archer Suite Service Notifications pages on RSA Link are only accessible to RSA Archer Hosted Services customers and RSA employees. Several subspaces provide information for each hosted environment. Information is available depending on your assigned datacenter, based on your datacenter location (U.S. or EMEA) as well as your environment (Production or Non-Production):


If your organization utilizes RSA Archer Hosted Services and you are not able to access the RSA Archer Suite Service Notifications pages, please contact your Account Representative and provide them with the email address you used to register for an RSA Link account. Your RSA Link account registration must be associated with your business email address in order to access the RSA Archer Suite Service Notifications pages.

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