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Risk analysis is no small undertaking. And translating what risk means to the business is an important and very beneficial, yet tricky and cumbersome effort for organizations. That’s where the RSA Archer Cyber Risk Quantification use case comes in. By delivering advanced risk quantification capabilities, it allows you to effectively express risk as a financial amount – the language most readily understood by all levels of the organization.

RSA Archer Cyber Risk Quantification allows you to express risk in financial terms in your Risk Register, which in turns allows you to build reports and dashboard based on the financial impact of risk. This capability is critical to having informed discussions about risk and provides significant benefits:


  • You can back up your risk assessments with key figures and a methodology in case your findings are challenged.
  • Having your risks expressed in a consistent manner allows you to quickly identify the top risks and devote more resources to them.
  • Financial measurements allow for an easier dialog with the business and help you explain and articulate the key risks for your company.


In RSA Archer Release 6.9, we made a number of updates to the RSA Archer Cyber Risk Quantification use case to leverage the RiskLens Gen 3 platform. You can now use a Rapid Risk Assessment to help quickly illuminate your organization’s risk landscape with great clarity. A new Top Risks Assessment allows you to take a deep dive into the most significant risks. Each assessment may contain a multitude of scenarios, and all are continuously, automatically updated as subscribed assets, threats or data helpers are updated. New easy-to-consume reports provide brief narrative descriptions of the risk and assessment results, including a variety of charts and graphs to give your data impact and help you tell a compelling story in business terms.


The RiskLens integration available on the RSA Archer Exchange has also been updated to enable automatic delivery of completed quantified results to RSA Archer. This eliminates a data entry step and makes the data available in your standard Risk Management program workflow. The updated RiskLens integration with RSA Archer also introduces enhancements to the mechanics of the integration itself that make it more robust, secure and easier to maintain. It now leverages RSA Archer API and data-feed capabilities rather than a custom object to drive the exchange of information between the two platforms, eliminating the need to manually push records. Scheduled data-feeds identify the records to be pushed and send them automatically.


The updated RiskLens integration sets the technical groundwork for future functional enhancements. We’re focused on improving the functional flow of information to allow you to scope scenarios from your RSA Archer Risk Register and reduce the need for double entry.


We believe risk quantification is a key capability for integrated risk management and we look forward to bringing you additional features that allow you to leverage it to your full advantage.

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