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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

I am pleased to announce that RSA Archer has been working closely with AWS to create an App-Pack integration with their new AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Access Analyzer, please see my blog post for more information: Managing Cloud Transformation Risk with RSA Archer.  


In support of this new offering announced at AWS Re:Invent, RSA Archer is looking for beta customers to begin testing our new integration with AWS IAM Access Analyzer.  This integration does require that Issues Management be licensed and 2 On-Demand Applications (ODA's) be available.  In addition to the 2 ODA's this offering does require the use 1 JavaScript Transporter data feed to connect to your AWS account.


RSA Archer integration with AWS IAM Access Analyzer allows you to:

  • Enable AWS IAM Access Analyzer users to understand the impact of resource-based policy events according to implemented controls and the risk they pose to their organization in support of their cloud strategy
  • Automation of the IAM Access Analyzer policy events will allow RSA Archer users to manage the risk of these events through the out of the box dashboards and workflows.  These workflows support the notification of IAM Access Analyzer findings as they relate to the AWS resource policy violations and the risk they present to organizations in managing the security risk these findings create. 
  • RSA Archer customers that license IT Controls Assurance and Policy Program Management use cases benefit from being able to map IAM Access Analyzerfindings to controls and risk to monitor and measure the impact they have against their compliance frameworks and risks within the risk register. 


AWS IAM integration.jpg

If you are interested in participating in this beta please contact me directly at