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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

The Archer 6.3 Release is packed with useful enhancements and features, but sometimes when a new release rolls out, smaller items get lost in all the excitement. I think of how many people still don’t realize that 6.0 added true hierarchical search capabilities, something which will be covered in one of the track sessions at RSA Charge this year.


6.3 has one of those: Direct to Edit. Now, many of you are already reaching for the keyboard to tell me that no, Direct to Edit has been around for a while. And it has – we introduced this in 5.4. But while we launched this feature back then it was only for when a user was first navigating into a record from the search/navigation results. This meant it did not take effect when the user:


  • Clicked on a deeplink or quicklink
  • Navigated to the record directly from an iView
  • Followed a cross reference

Additionally, if another user was already editing the record, the user would be presented with the locked record screen. This made Direct to Edit a double-edged sword, since heavily used applications that users often browsed through would fall victim to the record locking quite a lot.


We’re very pleased to tell you that all of these scenarios have been addressed in RSA Archer 6.3. If you select Direct to Edit on an application in back office it will take effect for all pathways that lead to the record. And if another user is in the record, and it takes you to the locked record screen you will now see an option to access it in View Mode.


The RSA Archer Engineering team hopes you enjoy using this new capability, and looks forward to your feedback on it.


RSA Archer Release 6.3 includes new use cases for Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management, updates to existing Business Resiliency use cases and Public Sector Solutions use cases, and enhancements for usability and stability of the RSA Archer Platform. RSA Archer’s two newest use cases, RSA Archer Data Governance and RSA Archer Privacy Program Management, are designed to help support customer processes for data protection and addressing applicable privacy directives, such as GDPR. Updates to RSA Archer Business Resiliency use cases are designed to help improve organizations’ ability to manage disruptions and crises. Enhancements to the RSA Archer Platform include a system administration dashboard, bulk record operations, and direct to edit capabilities.