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Archer Employee

You’ve given us your input and shared your feedback on features and functionality. You’ve seen updates in customer product roadmap sessions. You’ve seen exciting sneak peeks at RSA Charge 2019. And today, it’s here – RSA Archer Release 6.7 is now available!


RSA Archer Release 6.7 delivers enhancements designed to modernize and simplify the user experience with the RSA Archer Suite, in support of the growing importance of a cohesive view of risk and compliance at all levels of an organization. This release is the next step in the evolution of the RSA Archer user experience, with cleaner, easier-to-use dashboards and more direct, intuitive navigation.

Updates in Release 6.7 provide improved usability and easier accessibility to key data. Improvements to the user interface allow business users to more quickly access the data they need and more easily interpret the data. Dashboard updates enable easier navigation, with a new Quick Links bar and links to frequently accessed user actions and dashboard options that remain at the top of the page when scrolling. A new “first line of defense” iView provides business users with a clean, simple dashboard and clear access to common tasks and reports. Reporting enhancements in Release 6.7 provide added graphical context for key data, more interactive functionality, and more chart type options.

RSA Archer Release 6.7 Dashboard.png


For RSA Archer administrators, this release includes a number of updates to extend functionality and performance, including updates to the Data Gateway feature of the RSA Archer Platform. Introduced in Release 6.4, the Data Gateway allows organizations with large data sets in external systems to connect to RSA Archer. In Release 6.7, updates enable administrators to configure the Data Gateway without the need for professional services. The Data Gateway RESTful API provides commands to add, update, and delete Data Gateway connections, content mapping, and field mapping, and new documentation provides instruction for coding a Data Gateway connector. Other new administration features in Release 6.7 include automated deployment of packaging, secure connection for FTP data feeds, proxy bypass, and much more.


In addition to enhancements to the RSA Archer Platform, Release 6.7 includes updates for a number of RSA Archer use cases for Public Sector, Enterprise & Operational Risk Management, IT & Security Risk Management, and Third Party Governance.

To learn more about RSA Archer Release 6.7, please review details in the Product Advisory. RSA Archer customers are invited to join us for a Free Friday Tech Huddle on Nov. 1 (pre-registration is required). We'll have more Free Friday Tech Huddles over the next few months to take deeper dives into Release 6.7 features. You can also check out Release 6.7 documentation available on the RSA Archer Release 6.7 subspace on RSA Link.