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RSA ACI and AIMS are now features of RSA Security Operations Management (SecOps).  Please visit this link for details on SecOps:





Today’s IT environments are more fluid and complex than ever.  Security teams are faced with a flood of alerts and indicators across hundreds or thousands of devices and massive volumes and varieties of applications and information types. To effectively defend their enterprises, security teams must be able to prioritize their efforts based on the business risk related to the potential incidents they track.

To achieve these goals security teams must not just employ better security analytics to help identify advanced threats, but also must  have the tools and  threat intelligence to understand which security alerts represent the highest risk to the business, and what assets require the greatest protection. It’s also critical to involve the right business stakeholders in the incident management process and provide them greater visibility into the organization’s overall security posture.


RSA Security Analytics is a revolutionary security monitoring platform that provides enterprises with situational awareness of everything happening on the network to solve a wide range of information security challenges such as insider threats, zero-day exploits, targeted malware and advance persistent threats.  It provides real time visibility into network traffic and generates alerts that security analysts can investigate to provide potential attacks.


RSA Asset Criticality Intelligence (ACI) provides the much needed business context to security analysts monitoring alerts generated by RSA Security Analytics.  ACI identifies those resources that are critical to an organization and helps security teams prioritize the security alerts that have the most potential risk to the organization ensuring maximum protection for sensitive assets.


RSA Advanced Incident Management for Security (AIMS) adds a broader incident management layer to RSA Security Analytics to effectively track progress and engage key business stakeholders during a security incident investigation. AIMS enables a complete incident lifecycle from identification to resolution.  The incident created by AIMS is managed as per the organization’s documented response procedures automatically notifying the appropriate parties involved in the resolution of the incident and optimizes the incident management process providing a centralized dashboard view and reports. 


The combination of ACI and AIMS allows security teams to create rules and prioritize security alerts for investigation on an organization’s most critical assets.  These solutions ensure that incident response is faster, more effective and better aligned to business risk.





RSA, the Security Division of EMC, is the premier provider of security, risk and compliance management solutions for business acceleration. RSA helps the world’s leading organizations solve their most complex and sensitive security challenges. These challenges include managing organizational risk, safeguarding mobile access and collaboration, proving compliance, and securing virtual and cloud environments. Combining business-critical controls in identity assurance, encryption & key management, SIEM, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), continuous network monitoring, and fraud protection with industry leading GRC capabilities and robust consulting services, RSA brings visibility and trust to millions of user identities, the transactions that they perform and the data that is generated.