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Archer Employee

Here comes RSA Archer 6.3! And here comes the large variety of documents to tell you about everything related to RSA Archer 6.3. Are you overwhelmed with the number of data sheets, whitepapers, and other release materials?  The RSA Archer Information Design and Development team has your back. The What's New Guide and Release Notes documents serve as one-stop shopping for new and upgrading users.


Are you looking for an overview of the new features? Are you wondering how your experience will change from RSA Archer 5.x or 6.x to RSA Archer 6.3? Do you prefer to see screenshots to compare old and new interfaces? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might find everything you need in the What's New Guide.


Are you more technical and looking for improvements to the product you are used to? Look no further than the RSA Archer 6.3 Release Notes which provide a list of fixed and known issues in the Platform as of release 6.3. Please note that each use case guide contains Release Notes for that use case.


Where are these documents?

The good news is, you are already in the right spot to find this information!  On RSA Link, the What's New Guide and Release Notes provide useful information as you consider or plan for an upgrade to RSA Archer 6.3. You can download these PDF guides from the RSA Archer 6.3 Community. 

How will my experience differ in RSA Archer 6.3? What features are new and improved?

If you're looking for an overview of what this release offers, including a comparison to older versions of RSA Archer, you can use the RSA Archer 6.3 What's New Guide. For RSA Archer 6.3, the following topics are covered by the guide:

  • New and updated features:
    • New and updated use cases
    • Section 508 and WCAG AA 2.0 compliance
    • Cloud Ready
    • Data Privacy
    • Diagnostics and System Data
    • Admin Dashboard
    • Bulk Actions
    • Direct-to-Edit
    • Packaging Improvements
    • Licensing Information page
    • User interface improvements
  • Comparison of versions 6.0, 6.1, and 6.2 to version 6.3
  • Considerations for moving from 5.x to 6.3
    • Features and elements that have been moved, updated, or removed and how to navigate the differences
    • User interface comparison from 5.x to 6.3


Where can I see more information about features I am interested in?

The RSA Archer Online Documentation (which includes use case documentation) and RSA Archer Control Panel Help provide in-depth information on features, as well as how to implement, use, and maintain these features.


What about the issues?

The Release Notes list out known issues to save you a call to customer support. The Fixed Issues section includes issues that were known in 5.x and 6.x that have been fixed for 6.3. The Known Issues section provides a list of issues that you might encounter while using RSA Archer 6.3. If your issue is not covered in the Release Notes, customer support will work with you to triage and investigate your issue. The Release Notes are updated and released for every release. This document is a useful tool for evaluating whether upgrading is beneficial for your environment.



RSA Archer 6.3 is a large product with many improvements and new features. Due to the size and complexity of the product, there are multiple documents and guides that provide varied levels of information. The RSA Archer 6.3 What's New Guide and RSA Archer 6.3 Release Notes are a great place to start learning about RSA Archer 6.3. We hope that these resources help you prepare for RSA Archer 6.3.

RSA Archer Release 6.3 includes new use cases for Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management, updates to existing Business Resiliency use cases and Public Sector Solutions use cases, and enhancements for usability and stability of the RSA Archer Platform. RSA Archer’s two newest use cases, RSA Archer Data Governance and RSA Archer Privacy Program Management, are designed to help support customer processes for data protection and addressing applicable privacy directives, such as GDPR. Updates to RSA Archer Business Resiliency use cases are designed to help improve organizations’ ability to manage disruptions and crises. Enhancements to the RSA Archer Platform include a system administration dashboard, bulk record operations, and direct to edit capabilities.