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The RSA Archer Suite includes 36 multi-disciplinary risk management use cases across 7 solutions areas that address the most critical areas of business risk. Each use case comes with a Use Case Guide, which will get you started with overview and design information about the use case, as well as instructions for installing and using the use case.


Where can I find use case documentation?

All use case documentation is available in two places:

       Note: The content is the same in both locations.


What’s in the use case guides?

All use case guides contain the following information:

  • Overview: Description of the use case and what it enables you to do.
  • Design: Application diagram, applications/questionnaires, access roles and personas, data feeds (if applicable), dashboards.
  • Installation: How to install, configure, test the use case and set up data feeds (if applicable).
  • Release Notes: What’s new in this release, fixed and known issues (if applicable).

For any use case that is updated in a release (for example, Assessment & Authorization or Crisis Management in the 6.3 release), the use case guide also contains additional information:

  • More context: How the use case fits into the overall solution area, where the use case falls on the maturity spectrum, and additional resources for the use case.
  • Usage: An overview of the processes that the use case supports, swim lane diagrams (if applicable), and step-by-step procedures for using the use case.

The RSA Archer Information Design and Development (IDD) team is also working to backfill this information into additional use case guides. See the RSA Archer Customer/Partner Community on RSA Link for the latest documentation.


What’s new in 6.3?

The 6.3 release provides the following new and updated documentation:

  • 2 new use case guides:
    • Data Governance Use Case Guide (Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management)
    • Privacy Program Management Use Case Guide (Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management)
  • 7 updated use case guides for use cases that were updated in this release:
    • Assessment & Authorization Use Case Guide (Public Sector)
    • Plan of Action & Milestones Management Use Case Guide (Public Sector)
    • Business Impact Analysis Use Case Guide (Business Resiliency)
    • Business Continuity & IT Disaster Recovery Planning Use Case Guide (Business Resiliency)
    • Incident Management Use Case Guide (Business Resiliency)
    • Crisis Management Use Case Guide (formerly Resiliency Management, Business Resiliency)
    • PCI Management Use Case Guide (IT & Security Risk Management)
  • 4 updated use case guides that now contain additional information:
    • Audit Engagement & Workpapers Use Case Guide (Audit Management)
    • Audit Planning & Quality Use Case Guide (Audit Management)
    • Security Incident Management Use Case Guide (IT & Security Risk Management)
    • Security Operations & Breach Management Use Case Guide (IT & Security Risk Management)


But where are the Solution Practitioner Guides?

In the past, the Solution Practitioner Guides have covered a lot of different types of information - everything from very broad industry best practices to step-by-step instructions on how to use a solution. The IDD team plans to cover most of that information in the use case guides, especially as we add more detailed process/usage documentation. The only things that we do not plan to include in the use case guides are:

  • General discussion of industry best practices. While we do intend to show how each use case enables industry best practices, the use case guides themselves do not cover general information about industry best practices. Instead, see the white papers and blogs published by RSA Archer’s thought leaders on the RSA Archer Customer/Partner Community on RSA Link.
  • Detailed field configuration appendices. Each use case comes with a Data Dictionary that provides configuration information for the use case. The use case guides reference the Data Dictionaries, but do not replicate information from them.

Note: You can obtain the Data Dictionary for a use case that you have licensed by contacting your RSA Archer Account Representative or calling 1-888-539-EGRC.


RSA Archer Release 6.3 includes new use cases for Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management, updates to existing Business Resiliency use cases and Public Sector Solutions use cases, and enhancements for usability and stability of the RSA Archer Platform. RSA Archer’s two newest use cases, RSA Archer Data Governance and RSA Archer Privacy Program Management, are designed to help support customer processes for data protection and addressing applicable privacy directives, such as GDPR. Updates to RSA Archer Business Resiliency use cases are designed to help improve organizations’ ability to manage disruptions and crises. Enhancements to the RSA Archer Platform include a system administration dashboard, bulk record operations, and direct to edit capabilities

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