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Contributor II

Figured I'd share all the blood, sweat and tears with getting Linux/Perl connected to stingy .NET

My other intention is with more community involvement in the API space it would put emphasis to Archer continuing development and enhancements to the current API.


The Perl SOAP Library will make API calls to Archer and the results will return in HASH.

I'll try to maintain this post/library file as I update it.

This will run in Windows or Unix/Linux


Need the following modules


SOAP::Lite ( version 0.714 or greater)


Usage and example code documented in pod of the library.


Current usages for our instance.

Syncing 200,000+ users from ldap/Active Directory, along with groups (which are maintained by the enterprise - not us!).

"Record groups" and roles are pulled from another system (which the enterprise has access to update) and then synced to Archer groups/roles.


My current "Oddities"


  •     It will update the Default Email but whatever was in the Default Email will move to Email 1 and whatever in Email 1 will go to Email 2 and so forth.
  •     You can't delete/clear the Default Email.


CreateUserEx and UpdateUserEx

  •     It can add/update the Company, Title, or Address.
  •     GetUserList and GetUserListCount will not return the Company, Title or Address.