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Have you ever been asked by a business user to provide real-time data processing in Archer? Requests for this functionality are not uncommon, as they address a common business scenario: I don’t know when the data will be ready, but when it’s ready, it needs to be handled right away.

Requests like this can lead an Archer Admin to tinker with data feeds scheduled for minutely execution. While this solution can be effective at shortening the wait time for data to be processed, it can also result in a large volume of unnecessary data feed executions, unchecked growth of the instance database, and unnecessary use of valuable processing cycles on the async servers. Archer admins need more efficiency.

Some admins have asked about the possibility of putting data feed execution in the hands of users through a custom object. This would allow a user to trigger a feed precisely when and only when the data is ready for processing by clicking a button, eliminating the excessive table growth and unnecessary async jobs that accompany minutely data feeds. Because the data feed would be running under the credentials of the logged-in user, it would also require that user to have “Manage Data Feed” permission. This would violate the Principle of Least Privilege by granting access to the Data Feed Manager and all the data feeds it controls. Archer admins need more flexibility.

It has occurred to some that they might be able to embed more privileged credentials in the JavaScript behind their custom object, allowing the feed to run in the context of a dedicated data feed admin user, rather than in the context of the user that clicked the button. But this would require storing Archer credentials in plain text in the JavaScript. Archer admins want greater security.

The Archer Data Feed Initiator Tool & Utility addresses this valuable business case by:

  • Providing a button that users can click to execute a data feed on demand
  • Avoiding the need for users to have elevated privileges to execute the data feed
  • Not requiring credentials to be stored in the associated custom object
  • Avoiding the need for the data feed to have a minutely schedule

Click here to learn more about the Archer Data Feed Initiator Tool & Utility. If you are not yet a customer but you are interested in learning more, please contact your local representative or authorized reseller — or visit us at