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RSA knows risk management is a team sport, which is why we’ve made it our mission to “Inspire Everyone to Own Risk.” And these days, “everyone” includes the vendors that provide services and goods that help to support and fuel your business. To effectively to manage your third-party risk, it’s essential to foster engagement with your vendors and gain insight into their activities.


Launched today, the new Vendor Portal for RSA Archer Third Party Risk Management makes it easier to facilitate collaboration between business stakeholders, risk managers, and external vendors. As a feature enhancement for the Third Party Risk Management use case, Vendor Portal provides an intuitive interface for vendors to easily and securely complete assessments, upload documentation, respond to issues, and attest to performance, while minimizing the management burden for RSA Archer administrators. 


RSA Archer users can publish content to Vendor Portal with the click of a button. Automatic provisioning makes it easy for vendors to access the system and invite their peers to collaborate. When their work is complete, assessment or application responses are natively synchronized back into RSA Archer for review.


Vendor Portal is a SaaS-based feature that is compatible with RSA Archer on-premises, hosted, and SaaS implementations that are licensed for the RSA Archer Third Party Risk Management use case. Vendor Portal can be utilized for up to 50 vendors at no charge, and larger vendor quantities can also be supported at an additional charge.


Key features of Vendor Portal include:

  • An external interface and dashboard for secure collaboration with vendors
  • Native synchronization with RSA Archer to externally publish applications and questionnaires and retrieve responses
  • Self-service provisioning for vendor users


Customer benefits of Vendor Portal include:

  • More efficient engagement with vendors
  • Intuitive experience for vendors with nominal training
  • Reduced management burden for RSA Archer administrators




If you’d like a closer look at Vendor Portal, you can find more information on RSA Link. Customers are invited to join us for the upcoming Free Friday Tech Huddles (pre-registration is required):

  • July 24, 2020 at 11:00am Eastern -- Introducing Vendor Portal for RSA Archer Third Party Risk Management
  • July 31, 2020 at 11:00am Eastern -- Installing and Configuring Vendor Portal Service and Publish Custom Object