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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

FINAL NOTIFICATION FOR END OF PRIMARY SUPPORT (EOPS): Please be advised that this Platform version is no longer supported. Once a product reaches EOPS, RSA Archer Technical Support is no longer available under base support/maintenance agreements.


Extended Support is being offered only for Platform versions 5.5 through 5.5 SP4 through December 31, 2018, to those customers with a current maintenance contract as a prerequisite to an Extended Support purchase. Extended Support does not include Hot Fixes, best effort support only. For questions, please refer to the Product Version Life Cycle.


Contact your local Existing Accounts Manager with assistance in upgrading to a supported 6.x version. Thank you.





Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, and Spanish

PORTUGUESE (Brazilian)




The 5.5 Core Module Master Packages provide the latest versions of Risk Management and Vendor Management in translated form. For the latest translated versions of Business Continuity Management, Threat Management, and Enterprise Management, use the 5.4 Core Module Master Packages. For all other Modules, please use Core Module Master Packages 5.3.


The 5.2 Core Module Master Packages are not available in all languages; available only in the following languages: French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.


For All Other Platform Documentation (Translated/Localized):

Platform 5.5 Release Notes are located on the RSA Archer Community. RSA Archer 5.5 Release Notes


Platform 5.4 Release Notes are located on the RSA  Archer Community.  RSA Archer GRC Platform 5.4 Patch 3 Release Notes





If you are deploying 5.5.3 or above, we recommend using the module packages in the new 5.5 SP3 multilingual format. These are the same versions of the modules as listed above, but contain all languages in a single package to take advantage of the new functionality delivered in 5.5 SP3.


Go to this link to access:  Module Translated Packages for Platform 5.5 SP3



Core Solution or Core Module - Is There A Difference?

We have been asked by some of our customers if the terms solution and module are interchangeable, so we thought we would clear up the confusion, that more than likely has been caused by us, so we apologize.


SOLUTION is a term used to describe a ‘grouping’ of products (Modules) that address a high level Use Case. Example: IT Risk and Security Risk Management is a Solution. Products (Modules) that support the high level Use Case are Security Operations, VRM, PERC for IT Risk, Threat, etc.


Solutions currently include: ITSRM, Regulatory & Corporate Compliance, Operational Risk, Audit, Business Resiliency, Third Party Governance.


MODULE is the specific Archer products(s) that customers purchaseAudit Management,  Business Continuity Management, Compliance Management, Enterprise Management, Federal Assessment and Authorization, Federal Continuous Monitoring, Incident Management, Issue Management, Policy Management, Risk Management, Security Operation Management 1.1, Security Operations Management 1.2, Threat Management, Vendor Management, and Vulnerability Risk Management.