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Archer Employee

The adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way companies do business. With IoT, organizations can gather an abundance of data for analytics to improve their product offerings. A simple case would be the addition of IoT to automobiles to improve safety for consumers. Not only can businesses use IoT to improve their product offerings, they can use IoT to improve business operations, to gather data from manufacturing machines and equipment in order to identify areas to improve productivity. With increased usage of IoT, data privacy and security are among the top concerns. Once devices are connected to the Internet, they become vulnerable to possible attacks which increase the risk for the organization. 


The first step is understanding the impacts of implementing IoT within your organization. 


In RSA Exchange Release R11, we've introduced the RSA Archer IoT Project Readiness app-pack. This is our first IoT offering which helps you track IoT projects within your organization and provides visibility into all IoT projects and how they impact your organization. With this app-pack, you can document the IoT project, identify the risks prior to implementation and ensure a plan is in place to address the risks so that your IoT projects are ready to implement. 


RSA Archer IoT Project Readiness allows you to:

  • Gain visibility into all IoT projects by documenting and tracking IoT projects within your organization
  • Minimize impacts of IoT projects to your organization by identifying project risks and monitoring project status and remediation plans
  • Proactively address risks by developing mitigation strategies prior to implementation


Interested in learning more about the RSA Archer IoT Project Readiness app-pack? Join us for a Free Friday Tech Huddle on Friday, Feb. 28 for a live demo. Free Friday Tech Huddles are only available to RSA Archer customers. If you are not yet a customer but you are interested in learning more, please contact your local representative or authorized reseller — or visit us at


IoT Project Owner.PNG


RSA Archer IoT Project Readiness

IoT Project Owner Dashboard


IoT Project Approver.PNG


RSA Archer IoT Project Readiness

IoT Project Approver Dashboard