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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

This simple Powershell script will look at which cert is bound to a specified port on a server. It will show which store it is located in, the thumbprint, and the name of that cert so you can make sure it is the expected cert for that service. Common uses would be to look at the cert bound to secure web traffic (port 443) or secure Advance Workflow traffic (port 8443).


Example output:




Place the script on the server you intend to investigate. Right-click the PS1 file and click "Run with Powershell" or click "Edit" and run it from within Powershell ISE. Either way, you should have administrative privileges to run these scripts. Enter the port number for the service that you would like to investigate.


Change History
3/2/2020 - Initial Release.

3/3/2020 - Changed output format to include more information. Added commented line for checking the cert associated with HTTPS web traffic on port 443.

3/4/2020 - Added ability to be prompted for a port number to look into instead of a static number (8443). Thanks, Keith & Shane!


This is not an official RSA supported script.
It is provided as-is.
While this script is not intended to change data, please make sure to follow your proper change management procedures and have a current backup in place.